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Google vs Apple, which will be better? Reward $2
Created by bootup, 1621 days ago, 2084 views

Google vs Apple, which will be better?

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SetupComputer1620 days ago

Your comparison is like apples to oranges - they're not really similar.

Apple is a hardware company, Google is a data comapny.

Although, if you are just asking which of the two has the lasting edge, it's Google, no doubt.

Google looks very far into the future, and it likes patenting ideas even weird ones, like a computer embedded in your cornea (for augmented reality), or an electronic tattoo. Google has an amazing pool of tech visionaries, while Apple lacks one. If you notice, Apple's last innovation was the iPhone, which was about 2006 or so. They just keep on iterating the same concept over and over again since they're running out of ideas. Tim Cook is a great operations manager, not a tech visionary like Steve Jobs.

You might want also to look into Elon Musk, who pioneered SpaceX (re-using of space rockets, etc.) and Tesla Motors. He is a certified tech visionary, who's retirement goal is to retire in Mars (he's serious about that I believe).

A tech company's longevity depends on their visionaries. If Apple would have a pool of visionaries as well, we might see both Google and Apple in the future. For now, Apple is running out of steam.

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haru_sinki1621 days ago

Google is good.

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scipio1621 days ago

I think Google will be better than Apple. Because Apple only focus on making more money now.

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ninzboo1621 days ago

yes! I think Google is better than Apple

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Aravi1621 days ago

Hi @bootup
I will tell Google is good then Apple.

Why Google is good?

1) Apple provides high quality products with charges for its software and o/s

2) Google provides equal good quality products with free licence charges for software and o/s.

3) As Google provides open source software and o/s, many international companies finds itself interested in develop qualitative software better.

4) Due to Google provides open source software, you can get high quality devices based on google o/s with lower cost then Apple. Where you have to bare extra cost for licence for IOS.

5) Majority of people supports Google.

Reference of Android:

I hope you get the answer you want.


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ha141620 days ago

Users do not see the OS but the interface, Android is more customizable than Apple and if it is your thing then you should be happy with ANDROID. Android cant be better then Apple, if it was possible then Android would have been better than Apple years ago. If they want to be better and different they must rewrite the OS, since both are different then will take different path. Both depends on chipsets and processors, so faster hardware means faster OS, better graphics...

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helensteiner0911620 days ago

Google delivers exposed basis software and o/s, countless worldwide corporations discovers itself attentive in grow qualitative software very well.
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bootup1620 days ago

I agree. Google makes me feel that technology can change world.

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Draftrate1620 days ago


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alla1617 days ago

both are working to be the best but apple is good

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olja2255881616 days ago

Users used to use Google. It has a lot of information and you can actually find everything you need.
New searcher won't be so popular for the first time or until it won't be doing something much better than Google (like: sing a "Happy birthday song" when you will turn on Apple searcher on your Birthday, haha).

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danielhflores1615 days ago

google is better

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SetupComputer1614 days ago

Thanks @bootup :)

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michaelweaser1601 days ago

i would say google, google is much better than apple, apple is just more expensive since all they want to do is make money, they don't charge for any of there operating systems, like mac os x and ios, they think they can sell there stuff for more because all software updates and upgrades are free

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nunitak1600 days ago

Google has more monetary brute force and more irons in the fire.

Apple has their own and other closely related engineers and a bit more creativity focused far less widely.

There is some overlap, far below 15%.

It is very hard to guesstimate the future when I lack sufficient further detail as to the current 'lunatick' fringe of both, so to speak.

Google does not run out of advertising revenue, but Apple must have new products in pipeline.

If Apple can help students like never before, all levels, it could win.

Google helps find info, can they do something more for students?

Students, real ones, are proliferating, wish it were as true in USA as overseas.

Will there be some new home device?

Pharmacists and Doctors are a big market. PA's and NP's too.

Integrating much in way of details enables predictions, but bear can only conjure the foregoing on this one.

Which one is the more exposed to adverse California events (on negative side)? I cannot go there and estimate, Bear is VERY GOOD at that. I must see to evaluate, on site.

So my guesstimate gives Google an edge, at least.

But I could be wrong based on insufficient data. Even three very creative people in one could make a big difference.

The 3D Printer is the talk of the world in engineering and scientific circles. Training programs will feature strongly.

A smart California person with access can easily outdo me for this question.

Could Apple have another phenomenal product? Five or 25 ideas might be outstanding, but only a few great ideas become marketing phenomena over time.

Apple is a bit interested in Materials Science of certain phenomenal discoveries... Will they expand there?


Owning posh patents is another way.

Even the automakers keep things secret. A really good idea is the same.

Everyone in world wants to know. Do NOT break in there to find out !

Spying penalties are harsh...

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