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Ice Cream Maker Suggestions? Reward $2
Created by kriskris, 938 days ago, 1309 views

Any suggestions, i keep seeing a lot of recipes for ice cream and i want to give them a go, but they all say "in an ice cream maker", does anyone have one?
Find Whynter ICM-200LS as a best pick on What can you say? This model can makes more ice cream than the model whynter icm-15ls, but does anyone know why this model's size is smaller and weight is lighter?
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Aravi938 days ago

I think Whynter ICM-200LS i more good. They have reduced the size and weight for improvement portability to store easily.

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azzromyo938 days ago

Hi @kriskris
for me i have this one :

it is very cheap and also very easy to use
and this video show you how it work:

hope you like this

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