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Which electronic device have you used for the longest time? Reward $5
Created by BTW, 974 days ago, 1490 views

For me, it is a Sony Walkman. I have used it for 7 years. What about yours?
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Aravi974 days ago

LG TV ---12 years --- till date running in good condition.

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Draftrate974 days ago

Nokia 6230i(made for Great Britain);Sony.Xperia.Solo.Music.Edition.(Made for Canada)

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azzromyo974 days ago

for me it is my father's radio it is about 28 years until now in good condition


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tabooh972 days ago

Hi, my old "UHER 4000 REPORT - S" - I bought it ca. 1961 - is still in a good condition (almost!)
and sometimes I use it today with my old movies!

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Dipto969 days ago

Our old Toshiba TV. My grandfather bought it when he was young. My dad used it for over 30 years. However it's dead now.

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Hassanali969 days ago

intel desktop Pentium 4 10 year

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Rapidz969 days ago

Sony TV 12Years+

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sybaelle968 days ago

A Korg synthesizer for about 15 years.

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Ruberoid78968 days ago

Only laptop Dell. I've been using it for 6 years. It's quite OK ))

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wvmayflower58968 days ago

I have been using my Dell laptop for 8 years now. I thought it had crashed for good but thankfully it is still working after I did a restore.

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nihal29966 days ago

lg crt tv 2003 to till now its running but we switched to a smart tv , but still lg is with us . lg rocks

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Yasik0001965 days ago

I have been using Ipod 1gen for 7 years

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yas964 days ago

My old Kenwood pick up player, don't even remember how old it is... 35 years? And it is still working properly! I still have a few hundred LP's from the period 1970 - 1985.

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ZzMrXzZ964 days ago

A memorial corner in my house, most of them are above 25 years old. Still work in good condition

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kandri962 days ago

nokia 3310 12 years Still work in good condition

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mwcats962 days ago

Kindle Fire still reading!

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angelash961 days ago

My Desktop Computer :) still running for 10 years now

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luzi959 days ago

For me it's the Radio from my family. My uncle buy it 1944 from his first salary. This radio is still used an he works impeccable. The next is a food processor from 1956. A very good machine also still in work.

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bhoodiman959 days ago

iPod classic 80GB they don't make them anymore. 8 years old

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TechnoParadoxum914 days ago

My Commodore 64 PC.

33 years old

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Togekiss_4011910 days ago

OOOOOH I use my New Nintendo 3DS XL all the fricking time! Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon Pokémon it's fricking pokemon all the time with a hint of Terraria and spinoffs, damn I can't stop playing! I've gone nuts for pokemon, you could call me a pokemaniac or what I like to be called an ace trainer! Hah, and I also love hacking the living crap out of my Nintendo DS Lite with an Action Replay cartridge, I will get any pokemon I want whenever I want and Nintendo will never stop me! (LOL I even bypassed the legitimacy check on Poke Transporter and have more than 300 events shiny and non shiny, native and foreign countries too!)

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Meow815 days ago

Neuro system - cant even imagine my life w/o that device as long as i know myself
Good thing its a hight tier bio technology and you not paying much for using it

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