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Best Free Antivirus Reward $25
Created by Tejendra, 1750 days ago, 4087 views

Can you help me to find out a good antivirus.
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mohamedd1750 days ago

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition,

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Aravi1750 days ago


Kindly find this Analysis of best free antivirus 2016,

(copy paste the below link as it is to open correct page),2817,2388652,00.asp

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 AVG AntiVirus Free (2016) Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

are the tools which performed best in all parameter

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 AVG AntiVirus Free (2016) Panda Free Antivirus (2016) scored high in editor points

Avast Free Antivirus 2016 AVG AntiVirus Free (2016) provides more parameter of security then panda antivirus. Both are leading Antivirus for many years.


I hope you are looking for the same.

My personal exp Avast Free Antivirus 2016 is good. I had some problem in AVG [For IT students (who do programming) your .dll and .exe files created may get quantamized]

**For non IT persons AVG is good.


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Tarqez1750 days ago

Hello Tejendra,

there is no best antivirus, I am sorry, there are best results depending on the cases.

If you aren't under attack and need protection, use 1 antivirus + 1 antimalware, for example, Microsoft original Antivirus + Malwarebytes.

If you are infected, use a combination of a pair of antivirus and a pair of antimalware at least, depending on the severity of the infection.

Remember that the best protection is a good attitude in using your comp.

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Haday1750 days ago

SecureAPlus is the best one.

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tron491750 days ago

I use Free antivirus "Avast".

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dsntuhf1750 days ago

NOD32 is the best

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zahidawan1750 days ago

If you are using Windows & the Windows you are installed is genuine then you must use Microsoft Official Antivirus which is light & so awesome I am also using this one.

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lisaalley19661750 days ago

According to tech magazine McAfee and Norton isn't worth buying AVG antivirus has a free and a pay version and thy say the free is the best that is what i use and it is great

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luzi1750 days ago

There is no antivirus, how the best. First come a virus and then a antivirus. Bevor a antivirusprogram can start has a virus many PC's infect. Take a free antivirus and hope, that a virus not infect your PC bevor the antivirus has update to the new virus.

Sorry for my bad english, I hope you understand, what I mean.

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abouiyed1750 days ago

try 360 internet security its free and efficient

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Sheppard1750 days ago

You can try Avast Free Antivirus

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SetupComputer1749 days ago

Use the built-in Windows Defender.

Windows' built-in security is already enough. Don't waste your time and clutter your registry with free antivirus programs that clutter and make your registry less stable. Further, free antivirus often provide half-baked service, unlike the paid version.


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ninzboo1749 days ago

thier is no best free antivirus, because thiers a kind of virus that antivirus cant help it when yuo are using free antivirus

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luckymicky7771749 days ago

avast is the great do it all antivirus, if you have a slow machine and wanting an anti virus for extra security then panda cloud is quite light, if you were told that you should use one and that is why then i can let you know that i use windows defender (comes with windows) and it does the job

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Tejendra1749 days ago

360 antivirus has a very low scanning speed. It takes atleast 12 to 13 hours to scan your whole pc.

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Draftrate1749 days ago

1-st Avast He have Surplus private firewall
2-nd Avg Esintial all u can get on

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Lecars471749 days ago

Best anti-virus is definately AVG. I've got AVG Pro, but their free version is also excellent

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AlbyTech1749 days ago


I think there isn't a perfect antivirus, especially free.

If your OS is Windows Vista or Windows 7, you can install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) from here:

Instead, starting from Windows 8, Windows Defender provides a free real-time protection against virus and spyware and it is really fast and reliable.
More info here:
Else if you want to install a third party antivirus software, you can have a look of this list:
I'm using Windows Defender at the moment and it works perfectly.

I hope this information helps.


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sundeepmaan1749 days ago

you can also the Comodo Antivirus, Comodo Internet Security, Avast, RoboScan Internet Security or you can doanload the free original license Antivirus Free of Cost to my Blog :-

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akanor1749 days ago

Comodo Internet Security (CIS) included firewall and free. YUMI multiboot USB with rescue multi antiviruses.

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Anas.Abdusalam1748 days ago

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus

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SetupComputer1747 days ago

Use the built-in Windows Defender and Microsoft protection measures.

Microsoft has already embedded within the O.S. technologies like:
Smartscreen Filter (protect against malicious files, programs and websites)
Windows Defender (realtime, offline and cloud scanning, flash drive scanning, etc.)

Other protection measures are already in your system, and as long as you're set to automatic updates, you don't need to do anything else.

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threeball1747 days ago

AVAST,I had my PC crash 3 times and had to use Image restore,from using bad A/V apps.I went to Cnet forum and 3 of the top forum wizards told me to get Avast,since that day July of 07 Zero blue screens-Zero crashes.

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CoolCat1747 days ago

AVG - good enough for free antivirus,
But keep in mind that free antivirus software doesn't make your computer 100% safe. I use Kaspersky Internet Sercurity for about a year, it has a strong real time protection. You can try it for free
There are also a lot of free tools like Cleaner or Security Scan.

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SelenaGomez1747 days ago

Nod32 : Reliable , Fast, Free, Light and Lightweight . no impacat on your internet speed and pc performance. (nod32 you can use on Pentium 4 256mb ram)

Microsoft Security Essentials is nice.

Norton is The Best but NOT FREE.... Buy $ :D

AVG is Trusted and Powerful but HEAVY, ur pc will be SLOW

So THE BEST IS NOD32 eset is Perfect.

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theHPmaniac1747 days ago

the best antivirus is norton

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Dipto1746 days ago

I have used almost all popular antivirus. But for people who don't like much options and like simple menu , PANDA free antivirus is the best. I'm currently using it. It's so simple and easy to use and very much less options to bother anyone. But can do everything as other free antivirus. Always remember "Simple is the best".

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yanka4571746 days ago

comodo antivirus google it its great a more rare name but its really good

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abdelrahman1743 days ago

wise care 365 free

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denismoss1743 days ago

Panda free antivirus or mcafee internet security both are awesome :)

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Mirage1743 days ago

Panda free antivirus and comodo AV

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Misha13579001743 days ago

Avast free antivirus

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alla1742 days ago

i prefer the paid one because you can trust it like kaspersky internet security wich is the best one

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Yasik00011740 days ago

I know many different antiviruses, but realy - some of them really protect you, but not for free, some of them are free, but they are useless...
But after a long journey, I have found a really great protection, an antivirus, wich protects you 24/7 just for... FREE
This antivirus is called 'AVIRA'
(link is below)
I am using this antivirus for a few years as well, and I am very satisfied with it.

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ambee19671740 days ago

Try AVG free antivirus,2016. I 'm using it. It may slow down u'r computer a bit, but u will get better virus protection as compared to Avast free antivirus / Comodo free antivirus. 360 free antivirus may not be reliable. Beware ! Company has a bad reputation in stealing personal information of users. Google for more. It is better to go with Malwarebytes Anti-malware free version as a second line of defence. I am using with AVG free antivirus. I have no problem.

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MAKEROFMONY21737 days ago

Try Baidu AntiVirus or Avast AntiVirus i use Baidu

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TrekkieJim1736 days ago

My to personal are AVG or AVAST.

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angelash1735 days ago

Norton Anti-Virus

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rottingdog1735 days ago

Hi I have tried quite a few and a new one I am using with no flaws is called Avira pretty simple and has had no flaws as well compatible with most other programs I use...cheers

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Meisterfleister1735 days ago

This site is WELLknown to test all the big players. And by test I mean realy, really test.

seems AVIRA was indeed the right answer! :P

I use BitDefender (the paid one), cause it's nr 1 too and it's got a gaming mode. (meaning low resources spent while gaming) In gaming mode it get's 5/5 performance! (the 4/5 is when NOT using gaming mode :P :P )

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Meisterfleister1735 days ago

I used AVAST untill one day they descided to make a patch that freezes pc's. That was years ago. After slowing down my pc for over half a year I got rid of it. Thanking the Lord....
I used PANDA but one day I did a pc scan and it immediately attacked the WoW site that went down instantly for hours for all players. (very :D THAT was!).
AVG seems to let 2% of the virusses through, and slows pc down by 40% when going to sites :P

BitDefender has got tech that already detects virusses that have yet to be invented. How about that!
ANd it's got anti-hijack/anti-ransom software that kills access to folders by programs/outside sources unless you give the ok. You might wanna consider that. Getting popups on blue inlog screens telling you your pc will be whiped in 2 days unless you pay 300,- (and your bios not loading/unreachable+windows/cd's not an option) is NOT what you want to see.

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mwcats1735 days ago

You can get Avast Free from Amazon. Nag screens, but rated high and offers real time protection.

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Ased131735 days ago

hi dod

check this one i used is very good. 360 Total Security

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xret561734 days ago

f you are looking to buy a antivirus following are suggestions.

1. Bitdefender - this antivirus give u all total protection from today's advancing virus and malware. Though you have to pay around $59.


2. 360 TOTAL SECURITY -this antivirus is free and also good for all pc (personal experience) it uses it advance system to collaborate your pc by using multiple cache cleaner, startup manager...... though some additional programme need to buy (like Glasswire a programme for active domain service and 360connect to connect ur Mobile by same antivirus and see the overview your mobile ) but doesn't matter if you really want to go with antivirus. it's a thumb up for this antivirus.
Visit -

3- AVAST ANTIVIRUS -IT has its different version like premium, total security, Internet security.. All are paid but some time it's virus database lack behind. But significant portion of antivirus is good for user.
Thank you.

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wheeler811734 days ago

Hi, it depends on what you mean as best. Try this on a PC, use Windows defender. It's free and it's thorough. A real best buy

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andrea_lizeth1731 days ago

Hiii :D i saw many people who recommended you Avast but no! dont use that... The pay version may work, but the free is kinda risky. I recommend you to use COMODO antivirus cos it has a easy interface and is really good! has many things, is like all in one :D

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ralphfurgason1731 days ago

I tried Avast and the others with little success.

I now use Super Anti Spyware from same name with .com. You can try the trial version.

The dowload, and use of it is safe with no viruses, and you will find it to be good.

I ran Norton, Avast, and a few others, then ran Super Anti Spyware. After already using the others it still cleaned a number of viruses they missed.

Hope this helps.

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maren1731 days ago

From free antivirus programs AVAST is best AV.

AVG is some in middle.

But if you wanna use non - freeware programs, than know that is KASPERSKY No 1

If you don't like them, you can try NOD32 also great software - visit site
At the end, you can try ZONE ALARM WITH ANTIVIRUS

These programs, if you can't find serials or cracks can use for trial period, tran use diferent program.
I rare use AV programs and my PC is clean. When I install AV and scan PC I see that is all OK.

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ckoch1731 days ago

years ago I was having trouble with my computer and a friend suggested that I download free avast and put a free firewall on my computer. I did that and it fixed almost everything. Later I upgraded avast and added webroot paid. If you can only go free thats ok do what you can do. With paid I rarely have any problems at all now.

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maren1730 days ago

Just to add this: If you install some of non freeware programs, like Kaspersky, you can use them for trial time. For this time you can fix all your problems. after this time, you can uninstall and install different program.

And again, and again...
But if you have good firewall, AV program is not such as important.

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alla1730 days ago

kaspersky internet security

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mihorvitz1730 days ago

If you have Xfinity, Norton is available for nothing, zero, zilch

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djkenna2541730 days ago

I love eset NOD32

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michaelweaser1729 days ago

The best is avg free antivirus , or avast antivirus, but avg seems to be faster than avast antivirus, and that for avast you have to redo the product code every year, if you don't than than the antivirus won't work.

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Gopcpro1726 days ago

Best Antivirus

1.Gopcpro Mobile Security & Antivirus

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Alirio1722 days ago

Download link here

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jeriel02051721 days ago

I recommend Malwarebytes. It always works like a charm.

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pustoi111721 days ago

virtually all anti-virus software using the same registration database of malware. therefore, you can use almost any popular antivirus. Everything depends on the power of your computer!

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taoge1719 days ago

Avast Free Antivirus
AVG AntiVirus Free

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ByrdDiagnostics1703 days ago

Personally I use BitDefender, however, a good option is 360 Free Antivirus as it has its own database, and you can freely add Avira & Bitdefender to it. I am a minimalist so I detest notifications, popups, system messages, etc. Working in IT all of those go to logs that are compiled into a searchable file for me anyway, so if you want very little clutter but you think you have a reasonable chance of getting an actual virus.
But yes, absolutely include an anti-spyware, anti-malware. SuperAntiSpyware is good, as is Malwarebytes.
As a little side note, look into SpywareBlaster, it isn't an active program, but it blocks known bad hosts from your host file automatically.
Personally I haven't gotten a single virus in over 5-6 years. Knowing proper protection instead of relying on UAC popups or other programs warning you is a step in the right direction, like full blow network monitoring, or a GOOD hardware based solution between your modem and router/computers.

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Atirudra1664 days ago

Node 32 is the best , and you take the keys from facebook for free :) hahaahaha

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jsfsprl1545 days ago

For the german users i found a pretty nice test. At they also tested paid solutions against free ones. very interisting.

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