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Do you like indoor workout? Reward $2
Created by jackyjacky, 1220 days ago, 1332 views

If you don't like it, how do you deal with in unhappy weather?
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Aravi1220 days ago


Yes, It is hard to adjust for a person who work in outdoor.

But you can try Bullworker, skiping, etc in indoor too. It is better then noting.

Kindly refer this artical.

I hope you got the answer.


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azzromyo1220 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky
i get my workout from here:
after i was confused when i do it in the bad weather

hope you like my answer

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SetupComputer1215 days ago

No. I would prefer going outside, bathing in the sun and enjoying the fresh air and green scenery. I would jog and/or bike kilometers and indulge my senses. Quite the romanticist I am.

Although, I would stay indoors if I am in a polluted city.

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Draftrate1215 days ago

Bad weather like event periodic! Not full time . it's more colourful when anytimes are something alternative

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Mirella1210 days ago

Hello @jackyjacky

Great to hear that more and more people are getting keen on indoor workouts. Sunny weather brings joy, good mood and super energy to do whatever you want. On the other hand, bad weather can motivate you. When you see the rain,dropping all over the street you can set your mind in a workout mood. For me, the bad weather can be a good factor to train because there won't be anybody outside....only you and your motivation.
P.S Don't let the moody weather influence on your workouts!

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jackyjacky1207 days ago

Thank you for the links. I've read. Very interesting. Do you like jumping rope?

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jackyjacky1207 days ago


Completely agree! I mean the reason for workout outside. That's why I don't buy the gym membership. By the way, it costs money. :)
But very headache for bad weather.

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SetupComputer1207 days ago

@jackyjacky ,

Yup, and when I play basketball on a public court, I get to meet new friends, sometimes foreigners who happen to travel in our country.

It's still nice outside. :)

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jackyjacky1207 days ago

Hi, mate, you impress me . I never regard the bad weather as a motivation before. You give me the new idea.

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Aravi1207 days ago

Hi @jackyjacky
Yes, skipping rope is the simplest and most effective indoor as well as outdoor workout.


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jackyjacky1201 days ago

I'm afraid I couldn't do it. But trust me, I could jump up and down without a rope. :)

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jackyjacky1201 days ago

hahaha, mate. I heard some ppl go to gym not for workout only. They may meet the romantic. :)

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