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Website or application for learning a language Reward $2
Created by 1633, 1163 days ago, 1949 views

Do you know any website or application for learning a language
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Tarqez1162 days ago


try available as app and website, it is free and score your knowledge.
Just choose a languange to learn, french, german, italian, etc.

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Aravi1163 days ago

I use this 2 website:

1) Name: W3Schools

Purpose: For webdesiging


App: avaliable in store

2) Name: Tutorialspoint

Purpose: Any programing language + SPorts + mobile developement, etc


App:Avalible in store

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DavidT1163 days ago

Hello there!

These are the top 3 sites selected for you! Go ahead and check them out , let me know if you found what you were looking for =)

Or just go straight to Babbel, it's the top site of it's genre.

Have a good day!

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Tarqez1163 days ago


it depends on language, and language depends on your goal.
If you are at an entry level, and just want to learn basics of programming,
I suggest Python, probably the easiest and powerful programming language.

If you like to learn by books, take a look here:
if you prefer video lessons, search Python on these 2 websites:
and choose a beginner level.

In all cases above, teaching comes from University professors, so you will get an high-level education, nevertheless they are plenty of practical examples.

Good luck!

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16331163 days ago

Thanks. But what I want to learn is foreign language not programming. :P

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azzromyo1162 days ago

Hi @1633
here you are:
and if you want paid software :,2817,2381904,00.asp

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Aravi1162 days ago



Actually, It is good to have a teacher then a app to learn human language.

However, you can try this sit as a auxliary:

But, once you learn the language little bit, try to read artical, watch movies, song, etc. Because, website like this may teach you 1000 years old language format, that is no in current usage.

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ekan97Kingen1162 days ago

i youse

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koroleva1162 days ago


As a language's learner I find your question very interesting.
If you are a beginner try busuu if you already know the basics and can write try Lang-8.

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marcel471162 days ago
I tryed it and it really helped me much

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ahmed581162 days ago

you can install hellopal app in your can learn languages by speaking to other people with translating.

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Haydiyah1162 days ago

@1633 I use Doulingo It's free always, and you learn on your timing. Also download the doulingo app So you can learn on the go.

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maren1161 days ago


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nuklin1161 days ago is a wonderful place to learn.

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zrodfects1156 days ago

I would search on Youtube the language you are wanting to learn, see if the account holder is showing themselves and say they are there to help, at least if your having trouble you can contact with them and they can help with certain things, that would be the best way..

Hope this helps

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SetupComputer1155 days ago

@1633 ,

The best place for you to go, arguably, are online schools.

Popular online school facilitators include Coursera, Udemy and EDX. These facilitators host courses held by reputable universities worldwide like Harvard, Stanford, UNSW and a lot more. Courses here are not only about computers, but include a wide range of knowledge like philosophy, arts, engineering, culinary, etc.

My tip for you is to choose a course hosted by reputable universities, and not by individuals just out there to rip your pocket. Courses may come free or paid. In general, you can take up paid courses for free but you won't have any certificate. If you just wanna learn programming, then enrol for free in Stanford or Harvard courses. If you decide later to have an official and world-recognized certificate, you can pay the course.

They also have android and apple apps to make online learning easier for you. Try it now!


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