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What do you usually buy from abroad during travel? Reward $3
Created by bling, 951 days ago, 1283 views

What do you usually buy from abroad during travel?
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CoolCat951 days ago

I collect coins from different countries, so I always buy it in numismatic shop or keep the change after traveling.
I buy souvenirs with national symbols, traditional native clothes, jewelry, perfume, some cute stuff, gifts for my family etc.

I also have a collection of wooden and glass dolphin figurines, every time I travel I get one. This is the latest, nice guy from Bali :)

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azzromyo951 days ago

Hi @bling
i usually buy a travel insurance
then take a lot of cash some exchange us dollars
get guide books
bring a charger adapter
Bring snacks. Traveling abroad is fun, but eating in a foreign country can sometimes become a task. Bring small snacks that will tide you over until you find that perfect restaurant or food cart.
this is some what i bought from my last trip

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Aravi951 days ago

The purchase item deponds on the type of country you visit. Usually you may buy which is not avalible in your home country.

Catogery of List of items to buy can be:-

Treditional value Clothing,ideals, wareables
current fassion clothing and wareables
Cultural photos
Cheep electronics(only if found servicable in your home town.)

Also please find the below mentioned link for packing list for travaling.

Wishing you happy journey and safe way return to home.

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michaelfarrelly948 days ago

Fridge magnets. Great for diversity and chuckle memories.

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nunitak947 days ago

I buy only items that will be used completely while abroad. Or are quite inexpensive. My reasons are as follows:

All expensive items I have ever bought while traveling abroad were stolen from home and or storage once I returned to the USA. At first that was quite exasperating. Then I considered Jesus' words: "Lay not up for yourself treasures upon the earth where thieves break in to steal and moths and rust do corrupt... " And the remaining words were about "laying treasures up in heaven..."

The moths and rust as well as myself did not get a chance. There are too many thieves in the USA, the owner, moths, and rust do not even have a chance for enjoyment nor for such items to gain in value.

Finally, treasures laid up in heaven should be such as will have value there, a pure heart and clean hands, kindness and help shared with others, great treasures of knowledge and wisdom one can take to one's next more heavenly abode.

That way one need not eat one's heart out about losses here. I do occasionally -- not often -- think about what happens to people who stole all their life through. No answers, that is up to God, but the commandment says "do not steal."

I have had to ask for help several times, usually received it, no need to steal. Items stolen from me in my life would make a highly interesting exhibit though, I can assure you each visitor appreciating them would generate at least 3 or 4 more.

I recommend not becoming a thief. If you need something you do not have, desperately or whatever, ask for help.

By the way, I am telling the truth - a-l-l items I bought were stolen. It does not hurt so badly once lots of time has passed. I did MUCH traveling too. It is good to see how others live and their different styles about the world.

There are many beautiful places in our world and many very fine people here and there too. Those are the True Treasures in the final analysis, words of an elderly person in this instance.

P.S. I have also had a very nice Buick and 15 bicycles stolen, the latter all while living in Detroit Michigan. Some bikes were brand new, but they even stole one climbing over locked anchor fence and using lock cutter to free bike built from old bike parts the very first Monday after I finished getting it to work perfectly, disappeared while I was at work. Came home, no more bike just assembled on weekend, two long days of work, sore hands from effort. The bike thieves there drive about with stolen bikes under tarpaulin in pick up truck, police never seen stopping them as far as I know. Huge numbers of stolen bikes in Double-Digit THOUSANDS have turned up in Canadian warehouse too. They get shipped overseas like stolen SUVs. South America, China, who knows where?

A bike in Detroit area has just over a one year life span for owner before stolen on average. Mine all stolen one at a time September 1993 to August 2011, that's 17 years approximately and 15 bikes, a few stolen when still brand new. Keeping them inside does not solve all, they cut lock and steal from front of store you are shopping in or wherever you rode it and locked it up, picnic park, whatever. Long walk home. I guarantee you they do much of this in broad daylight, lots opf people about no deterrent. I have one AMAZING story about another person who was shopping when he saw thief stealing his bike through the store window in Ecorse. Big fat thief, rode away on bike, but owner was a YOUNG and FAST runner...

Lots of other stuff bought in USA stolen too. Michigan was the worst I've seen for this in USA, many fences, no penalty for them, just the thieves occasionally. Motorcycle stolen when I was in Navy in California, and miracle -- the FBI recovered it before I even knew it was stolen and called to return it to me ! ! ! Sole stroke of luck in all of this.

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SetupComputer947 days ago


The different chocolates from different countries is what I and my family usually crave for whenever I make trips.

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