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What is your most unforgettable food that you have eaten in other countries? Reward $2
Created by colin, 923 days ago, 1263 views

Pineapple rice, is my most unforgettable food when I traveled to Thailand. So how about you? which food of other countries make you unforgettable?
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azzromyo923 days ago

Hi @colin the most unforgettable food is sis kebab when i visited turkey really it is unforgettable
Sis Kebab is typically lamb, chicken or fish served on a wooden or metal rod, often with bread. Dip it in yogurt or eat it on its own; it’s always tender, savoury, and delicious.

and also iskender kebab is long strips of lamb cooked in tomato sauce and served over rice and pita bread with yogurt.


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Aravi922 days ago

tamarind rice

South indian special!!!

You can try boiled egg as side dishes.

With its light sore taste, egg will make you mouth juicy, when you eat second bite.

You can also try it with slice of coconut, potato chips etc.

Way to prepare: rice

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Aravi922 days ago

Some people also try cucumber curd salad with tamarind rice.

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CoolCat922 days ago

Vietnamese sea snails cooked in lemongrass and chilli!

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Aravi922 days ago

You may also like pork vindaloo a famously served dish at Goa in India.

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Aravi922 days ago

Kindly also try these other dishes in yummly .com

Unique dishes in indian style. Each dish different taste.

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maren920 days ago

When I was in China, i try many Chinese delicatese meals, but one is best:

Chicken with peanuts and kung pao sauce

Try to make this, and enjoy in this amazing taste.

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azzromyo920 days ago

thank you for choosing my answer

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maren918 days ago

Kebab is also popular in my country, is heritage from Turkish imeperialsm in Balkan,
from times Otoman Impery. We also like kebab and prepare like in Turkey.

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nunitak913 days ago

Virtually all of the food in Northern Italy is unforgettable, starting with Zuppa di Verde, a special for starters that varies from place to place.

In fact, all is so far above other nations, you will never know what exquisite is until you go there and try it. But you can try to emulate here from recipes online:

That's the closest you'll come without traveling to Northern Italy because Italian Restaurants in USA are NOT equal.

I've seen a very few Italian ladies on TV who can cook the same but I know of no place in entire USA where you can get the same as in Northern Italy and I have been all over the USA.

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austinmcq913 days ago

I had baked hedgehog in Berat, Albania. It was delicious!

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mouse64912 days ago

seaweed and rice candy in Japan

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zrodfects910 days ago

Ok, please don't judge, but I am from Australia and when I was around 8 I went to America for a holiday with the family, and I think it was Baltimore among many other places that I found my most delicious food ever.

Again don't judge but it was cereal that was called "Corn Pops' by Kelloggs, little yellow puff ball things that I thought I was in heaven haha, I had a whole box worth and couldn't stop...

We don't have that here in Australia :(, yeah still don't judge but some years ago I contacted Kelloggs here and asked if they were planning to release it here and they said no.

Then I came across this American shop which is about 30 minutes from me that sells most things you can get from America, though I am still yet to find time to get there I hope they have my cereal lol..

Fine judge if you want but it yummy as :)

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Meisterfleister903 days ago

In Paris there is a place with huge stairs. Go down and then left. Somewhere there I ate pizza that made my year.
25 years ago :P

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