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Why does my heart rate increase after eating? Reward $2
Created by scipio, 953 days ago, 1169 views

I feel uncomfortable after eating, especially after breakfast.
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Aravi953 days ago

It is normal. As food reaches stomach, it requires more oxygen to process digestion. Only way to get more oxygen is to increase blood circulation. Hence, your heart beating rate increases.

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Rayna953 days ago

It is normal to get an increased heart rate after a meal as the heart has to pump more blood to the stomach.

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azzromyo953 days ago

Hi @scipio
some people have heart palpitation after meals there are several possible reason of this
maybe you're sensitive to some foods like which contain caffeine which is in soda tea coffee and some energy drinks
it could be that you’re allergic or sensitive to a particular food. Heartburn caused by eating spicy or rich foods can also lead to heart palpitations.
you also can read more causes here:

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DavidT953 days ago

You're either sensitive to fat foods or fell in love with them. Or it's some sort of allergy. Visit a doctor don't ask questions on the internet to perfect strangers it's your goddamn health....

It will be nothing but go check it up.

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benedict_cc953 days ago

The first question is what do you eat for breakfast? The reason is on your diet.

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Aravi953 days ago

Sorry, If any uncomfortable after eating, plz visit a doctor then asking in Blog.

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ldmff953 days ago

The rapid heartbeat is sometimes caused by the sodium content of your meal, myself, I get a rapid and heavy heatbeat when I consume MSG's or like one time I consumed a can of extra hot chili and my heart beat like a base drum and when I checked the ingredients it contained 1300 mg of sodium, no wonder I got that kind of reaction! I watch the sodium content of everything I buy now, watch out particularly for most of the microwave meals. Best way to control sodium intake is to cook for yourself, turn cooking into a hobby, there are scores of websites with recipes with detail of how to prepare it and some even have a calculator to adjust for the number of servings too. Cookin' with a smoke detector, L.D. Yom Tov!

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