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Which cleanup tool for mobile is best? Reward $2
Created by notebook, 871 days ago, 1239 views

Which cleanup tool for mobile is best?
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ALZ866 days ago

"Avast cleanup" really good

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bilalarif2001871 days ago

Use C cleaner,it can boost up your phone speed,cleans junk.etc
Search for it on playstore

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azzromyo870 days ago

Hi @notebook
i think this one is the best:
or you can choose:


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DavidT870 days ago

Hello there.

As i have experience on this since i personally went on the hunt....

I 've tried a couple , but the best is this

It's the top-rated app on store. It works great, it has many feature like the others but as surplus there's the optimized recharge mode ,wich saves you a good 1 hour of charge time ( love this feature) and it has a lot of add-ons and upgrades, all FREE!
So go for Clean master, my friend, u won't regret ;)

Have a good day =)

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ZzMrXzZ869 days ago

Take a look at this:

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alla867 days ago

you can use clean master

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Aravi867 days ago

Kindly refer this artical

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rtanner47801 days ago

I thought the question was for Mobile? If your talking about a phone then use 1. Clean Master, 2. 360 Security (Free), or 3. DU Speed Booster and Battery Saver. It depends on what your trying to accomplish. If you trying to get rid of a virus I'd use 360. If your trying to speed up your phone it doesn't much matter although they all are free they also have advertising. If your talking about a computer it is a different set of programs.

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