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How to put a screen protector on tablet without bubbles? Reward $2
Created by timeis, 962 days ago, 1212 views

How to put a screen protector on tablet without bubbles? Do you use tablet protective case?
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SetupComputer960 days ago

That's simple -- use a small scotch tape when installing the screen protector. Cut a small portion (about 1 inch).

When you apply the plastic (or glass) screen protector and notice a bubble, it's because of dust particles or lint/fiber. Lift the protector up to the bubble then use the small scotch tape to remove the dirt. Repeat until finish.

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onu962 days ago

1.Clean your Tablet Screen with Cleaner (i.e: Alcohol pad...) ;
2.after cleaning screen,Dont touch your screen.
3.Put the protector slowly from the edge of your Screen and stick to screen and press softly ...

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zrodfects962 days ago

There are plenty of places that do it for you but you could do what I did, I have one where it sticks on the edges only for my iPad, it doesn't stick on the touch screen area so there is no bubbles ever, you can even remove it and wash it and put it back on, anyone can apply it, that would be your best bet.

Search Gecko Bubble Free screen protector or screen guard as it is called, you can get them on ebay, I got mine at a local shop, but depending where you go, im in Australia and I got it at Big W which is very much like Walmart or Kmart etc.

Here is another brand similar to what I use, it basically sticks on the outside of the edging, the area around the screen, I use this on my iPad, here is a video:

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ZzMrXzZ962 days ago

Here is the guide video:

And a step by step guide:
The main key is: "Clean the screen as carefully as possible before applying the screen protector"

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azzromyo962 days ago

Hi @timeis
the real way:

and :


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Alessandro961 days ago

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zahidawan960 days ago

What You’re Going To Need

This somewhat depends on your method, and there are a few. Some people just slap the screen protector on and usually that’s what creates the bubbles. Regardless of what you decide to do, there are a few things you’ll always need for applying a screen protector.

Caseless phone/tablet.
Clean, non-dusty area.
Microfiber cloth.
Plastic credit card.
Lots of patience.
Depending on your preference you can either use your fingers or a plastic card. I used a card, but others have found success using their fingers. The screen protector I got actually came with an installation card, but I felt it was too small for the job.

First, always be sure to line up the screen protector. You want to be sure that the correct side is down (usually indicated with blue lettering) and that the screen protector matches your phone to your standard.

Once you’ve positioned it correctly, add a piece of tape to the side with the tag facing the phone. Again this is the tag with the blue text and also the tag connected to the side you’re going to pull away first. Add three pieces of tape: one on each end and one in the middle.

There’s a pretty neat method of folding this tape under the phone. You want to do this to each piece individually and be sure that the tape is already partially stuck to the side of the phone. What you will do is hold the phone horizontally and flat on the surface and then quickly pull towards you. The tape will fold under and stick to the underside of the phone.

Next you’ll flip the screen protector and wipe both the phone and the screen protector surfaces once more. Then, you’ll begin installation.

When you pull the screen protector away, you don’t want to rip it all the way off at once. Let me repeat this: don’t rip it all off at once. Only remove it slightly and for the whole length (although you’re facing it sideways so one might argue it’s the width) of the screen protector. As you remove it, pull equally across and push, either with a card or your fingers, the adhesive side against the screen.

This is where the patience comes in – you don’t want to be too anxious to just get it done. Take your time, but once you’ve started the process also don’t stop.

Now you will have bubbles at first, but you can push those out with your fingers or a card – again, depending on your preference. To me, a card seemed to work much better. However, there’s a technique to this.

Push at an angle to the nearest outside edge
Start in the middle – those are the most difficult to remove.

Now all you do is grab the second tag (red text) and pull the top layer of the screen protector back. Then look for and remove any last bubbles. There really shouldn’t be any except for the occasional one along the edge.

The reasons why I decided this was the best method:

Extra security with the tape.
The ability to line up the screen protector perfectly and catch any “mistakes” before applying it.

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