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Created by zizou, 960 days ago, 1742 views

What is the best thing in life
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azzromyo960 days ago

Hi @zizou
best thing in life is children when you become father or mother nothing is best than this ...this is my opinion


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onu960 days ago

Saving someone's Life.... its the best thing in life when you save someones life directly...

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WolfCrates960 days ago

a beautiful peaceful death. trust me. you dun wanna die gettin shot at, shredded by car or fell from a cliff n splattered your brain or riding a roller coaster and have it malfunction and have your head cracks to a railing. accidents. painful diseases. murdered. a lot of things can end your life whenever and however so.

a peaceful death is the rarest thing.

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zrodfects960 days ago

One word 'Family'

Other than that, nothing else matters

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Drmgiver960 days ago

The best thing in life is "That one thing"

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Mille959 days ago

The best thing in life ist to be blessed with faith in Jesus and to nkow about the ethernal life.

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sapungnua959 days ago

air that we breathe

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ZzMrXzZ959 days ago

A soulmate

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Rchd197959 days ago

What is the best thing in life ? children? familly? the money? ...there is no one best thing than the life itself the only best thing in the life is the life itself

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HunterTram959 days ago

Close relatives, family and children ... And health. it will be all

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DavidT959 days ago


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driftair959 days ago

Consciousness is the best of life because without consciousness one would not truly experience life.

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vickyph84959 days ago

God then family

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Haydiyah959 days ago

The best thing in "LIFE" is to have life it self.

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nuklin959 days ago


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EllaBlue959 days ago

Always have something to do, Always have someone to love, and always have something to expect.

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adams491958 days ago

I see children and family several times here. The process by which children thus family come to be is the best thing in life. God made it that way and for a reason, SEX!!

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Braun958 days ago

Hi @zizou ,

I think the happiest thing in life, that is when you feel happy.

Isn't it? (^_^)


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omarmeng958 days ago

the best thing in life is that" there is many best things in life", I love fresh air on my face,the limpid water
in river, my children, playing games ,watching movie,s reading coran ,my wife, my freinds ,my gods......if there was a single best thing in life ,what can we do if we lost it?

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HunterTram958 days ago

Достижение своей заветной цели!)

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SetupComputer958 days ago

It's peace of mind and contentment. Any person from any walk of life, irrespective of riches, race, religion, physique, etc. who will be able to attain these two will surely be able to say that they have lived the best.

Don't be pressured to have a family - it might not be your destiny. Don't be pressured to have riches, social standing, and don't be pressured in succumbing to what the masses think of as a good life (having a family, riches, education, etc.) since you are the one living your life and not them.

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bonnponferrada958 days ago

the best thing in life is life my friend, whatever kind of person we are, we should thank to the one who gave us life.

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Razsaheel957 days ago

Life itself.

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Aravi956 days ago

As the saying goes, the best things in life are free. There are certain things in life where currency has no value, such as friends, family, and good memories. A priceless asset is something no amount of money could ever buy but that is probably valued more than any material item you own. From happiness to honesty, these are some of life's best treasures that cost nothing at all.

An honest opinion from a loved one.
True friends who have your back.
A family you can always count on.
Someone who supports your dreams.
Finding true love.
Humor and laughter.
Having a positive attitude.
A person who doesn't give up on you.
Someone to cheer you on.
Silly memories from high school.
A lazy Sunday.
Doing a good deed.
Reminiscing on past holidays.
A good relationship with Mom and Dad.
The first time someone says, "I love you."
A satisfying nap.
The warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you look at someone you love.
Lessons you learn from tough times.
Quality time with your loved ones.
People telling you how proud they are of you.
Having someone listen to you intently.
Having and giving respect.
A meaningful apology.
Peace of mind by letting go of grudges.
A home-cooked meal.
The love of your children, family, and significant other.
Holding hands with your significant other.
The look of love and devotion your pet gives you.
Waking up every morning.
Feeling and being healthy.
The warmth of a smile.
The smell of freshly cut grass.
The view of a sunset or sunrise.
Listening to waves crashing on a beach.
Pushing yourself to achieve something great.
The sound of rainfall.
Reuniting with someone you love.
Gazing at the stars.
Jumping in a pool on a hot day.
Seeing flowers in bloom.
The excitement of special occasions (holidays, birthdays, etc.).
Receiving a compliment.
Strolling on the beach.
Celebrating an anniversary with your loved one.
Having hope.
Growing old with someone you love.
Singing along to your favorite song.
Overcoming a challenge.
Cuddling with a loved one.
Enjoying the great outdoors.
Sitting by a warm fire.
The smell of clean bedsheets.
Completing a project.
Making a difference in the world.
Going for a long run.
Staying true to yourself.
Catching up with loved ones.
Writing in a diary or journal.
Teaching someone how to ride a bike.
The feeling you get after graduating.
Snuggling under the blankets on a cold day.
Counting down to the New Year.
Getting a full night's rest.
Volunteering for a cause you care about.
Winning a contest.
The smell of fresh air.
Learning new knowledge.
Taking a bubble bath.
Acing a test.
Finding something you were looking for.
Jumping in a pile of leaves.
Watching the snow fall.
Going on a hike.
Taking off your shoes after a long day.
The excitement from getting the job of your dreams.
Reaching a compromise.
Believing in yourself.
Looking into your child's eyes for the first time.
Feeling nostalgic.
Looking back on childhood memories.
Cracking open a book for the first time.
The smell of freshly baked cookies.
Coming home for the holidays.
Writing your vows and hearing them on your wedding day.
Seeing others happy.
Watching fireworks on the Fourth of July.
Falling in love for the first time.
The relaxing feeling of a long shower.
Keeping a promise.
Having the wind in your hair.
Feeling like you belong.
Being comforted and comforting others.
Dancing to your favorite song.
Not living in regret.
Just being alive.

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Doobie953 days ago

Like the song goes "The best things in life are free". So free is the answer.

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HunterTram942 days ago

Когда стаешь отцом

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Lecars47942 days ago

Well for me, at the age of 65 and after three heart attacks and a stroke.......................................It's being ALIVE!

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luckiecharmz941 days ago

Life itself.

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Atirudra939 days ago

everithing if you release stresses , and live in harmony with nature ( Transcendental meditation)

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yas939 days ago

That is something you and only you can decide for yourself. It also depends on your "soul type". If, for instance, you are a helper, the thing that makes your heart soar would be to help others. If you are an artist, creating beautiful art would be your peak. If your soul type is a scholar, learning new things will make you happy. And so forth, and so on.... What type are you?

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yas939 days ago

More on Soul tpes, see:

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ZzMrXzZ939 days ago

My family <3

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Andy1982918 days ago

Life is too short and should lend some, get it ~!

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ikpehelps908 days ago

life itself if not the love expressed through the simple existence of "life"

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ddanger1907 days ago

Good answers, but none exist without God

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