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What is the stupidest thing your pet's done? Reward $2
Created by bling, 958 days ago, 1696 views

My little dog fought with a big dog and got himself hurt. How stupid he is!
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sab2925955 days ago

My cats liked to chew electric wires while plug in and even chewed then after i put vicks vaporrub on them to keep them away.

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zrodfects958 days ago

My cat climbed up our flyscreen door and got stuck, because her claws were long and never trimmed it kinda added to the disaster, all I heard was my cat meowing and some slight banging, I thought she was having a cat fight, until I walked out and noticed her stuck to the top of the door, so took me a bit to free her, poor thing :(

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azzromyo958 days ago

my dog has blanket that he brings everywhere .he try to jump on my bed while carrying his blanket trips over blanket and falls on the ground and i hear sound like this (spach) and he try it again very stupid thing

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SetupComputer955 days ago

Bite me. Now I am undergoing antirabies vaccination.

He's very stupid (cat) to bite me and inspire me to surrender him to an animal shelter. I nursed him when he's too tiny and dying, now he's biting me.

Since I don't want my pregnant wife to get bitten as well, he will have to say goodbye to us.

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Aravi954 days ago

all doberman chases its tail. I had a puppy which chases his tail. When we say that we took it to a doctor to cut its tail. As it is compulsory to keep it alive. This bread is very violent as well as very loyal.

It also fought with a snake to save and got itself killed.

Till date I can't under what made it do that at age of 1 & half.

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olja225588954 days ago

My dog have eaten plasticine when he was 0.5 year old. :D

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