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Lost licence key Reward $2
Created by Pasquale, 1814 days ago, 1627 views

Good morning, after a computer crash i've lost my licence key, how can i get my licence back?
Thanks a lot
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ha141814 days ago


If you lost your license code, you can click here to find your license key back. Or, you can contact our support to help you find it. Please provide us with detailed information about your purchase, such as order ID, email address, etc.

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Martin19641814 days ago

You lost your license key from what?

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CoolCat1814 days ago

If you bought a pc with Windows pre-installed, there is generally a sticker on the bottom or back. It is a proof of authenticity and has your product key typed on it. If you purchased an upgrade or full version of Windows on your own, the license key will be in the package. Depending on the version, it is usually located on the case for the installation CD or on the front or back cover of a manual.

What if you've Lost your product key?

Product keys are incredibly valuable and should be safeguarded. If you cannot find it but still have access to the computer Windows was installed on, it may be possible to find the key in Windows' registry. Many free software programs can aid you in locating the license key.
What if I Still Can't Find the License Key?

If the software doesn't work or the computer isn't booting, it will be necessary to contact Microsoft for a replacement license key or to purchase a new copy of the software.

A Windows license key is very valuable. It serves to let Microsoft know your copy of the program is legal. It also allows you to install, reinstall, repair and perform other functions on the pc through the installation CD. If you have lost a product key, do your best to restore it and save it in a safe place to avoid having to put out the extra money to buy another license key for the software you already own.

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annu_dazz1808 days ago

you can retrieve keys from support, or if you bought keys online then you can find them in email they sent.
Support could not be the easy part though

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luzi1806 days ago

When you lost your key, than call the suppord software company. You got there a new lizenzkey for your software.

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SetupComputer1806 days ago

If you are referring to Windows 10 Operating System, don't worry. Just re-install it and activation will be automatic. Microsoft ties your license with machine hardware, so as long as the machine hardware is the same, you will get activated.

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Aravi1795 days ago

You Lost licence key. But licence key of what?

Win o/s

other software

Wise 365

Some thing else

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nunitak1791 days ago

Here you go, pardner:

-- 22 choices of free help

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abdelrahman1790 days ago

Call the microsoft support team

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abdelrahman1790 days ago

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SetupComputer1788 days ago

@Pasquale ,

If you are referring to your Windows 10 or 8 Operating System, just reformat your computer and the license would automatically activate. For other OS versions, check the Certificate of Authenticity sticker placed on the back of your laptop/PC - that indicates the product key. Or, find the installation box.

For Microsoft Office, find the product key from the installation box, or contact the customer support.

For Wise Products, contact customer support, or message @WiseCleaner_admin .

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