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Overclocking Android Reward $2
Created by G33kpaine, 993 days ago, 1054 views

Is overclocking on Android is Dangerous? What cause on my android when i do this? What is Advantage and Disadvantage of Overclocking on Android? I wish help me.
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azzromyo993 days ago

Hi @G33kpaine
please read this:

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DavidT993 days ago

Hi there!

I made a personal experience with overclocking computers and phones and in short;

Overclocking a device generally means that you make it go past its normal clocking speed, i make a comparison with cars, when you overclock you force it to always go at max RPM. this practice gives you the advantage of having a better response and speed from your device.
The con is that you are gonna shorter its lifespan, depending on how much and for what you use it. Overheat also is never good for a phone as it doesn't have a proper cooling system like a computer have, so it might be a little worse, depending on the use you put it into.

So in a nutshell, it will go faster and last less longer.

Have a good day =)

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ha14993 days ago

Why you need to overclock???
doing it in wrong way it is dangereous.

When you overclock your Android device, your battery life is shortened since overclocking uses more voltage.
Overclock only 10-20% of your stock frequency. So for 1Ghz stock CPU frequency, overclock to 1.1-1.2Ghz.
you do need a rooted Android device to get overclocking


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zrodfects993 days ago

I would not recommend overclocking your tablet, PC's can handle this type of thing to a point, where as tablets can freeze, lock up and do other random stuff, plus if it does lock up and freeze, repair places especially the manufacture of the tablet won't want to touch it or will charge the crap out of you for doing so...

My suggestion would be to either buy a high end tablet or leave it alone, your not really gaining much in doing this anyways, some games are actually programmed to run at a certain speed so it runs smoothly with interacting with other objects and tasks, so overclocking your device will not work on certain games, the odd few may start quicker and that is all, besides it is not like the old days of floppy disks where your forever swapping disks, a lot of games don't take that long to run anyways and it is a single file so again your not going to gain much other than possibly frying your device.

Samsung are known to heat up and require you to turn it off and give it a rest, so doing this your going to see alot of these messages pop up.

So I recommend you just leave it alone...

Hope this helps, thanks..

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zahidawan993 days ago

Just because you can overclock your phone, doesn’t mean you should. Overclocking has plenty of benefits, but it also comes with a few deterrents – and some of them are pretty risky. I am not trying to discourage you, but I am going to start with the “Why Nots” of overclocking an Android device.
Voiding Your Warranty
Most manufacturers don’t take kindly to overclocking and will gladly use it as grounds to deny you any warranty service should you ever need to send your phone in for repair; however, much like rooting (which will also void your warranty), overclocking is fairly reversible.
Risk of Permanent Damage
The biggest risk in overclocking an Android device actually comes from the prep rather than the overclocking itself. Before you can overclock, you have to “flash” (another word for “install”) additional software onto the guts of the device’s operating system (aka Firmware). Doing this incorrectly, such as flashing the wrong file, can corrupt the firmware, rendering the device useless. This is also known as “bricking” the device. Compounded with voiding the warranty, this is definitely the biggest risk to consider.
As you push towards the limits of a device’s performance capabilities, you lose stability. Overclocking too far can lead to application crashes, freezing, and system crashes. The trick is finding the best balance between performance and stability.
Now, before you change your mind or lose interest, there are a handful of good reasons to overclock as well.
Overclocking has always been about increasing performance; however, if you’re thinking you’ll be able to make a two-year old phone run as fast as a modern day quad-core monster, you might be disappointed. While the performance gains certainly aren’t monstrous, they can be practical – breathing enough life into an older device in order to make waiting for your next two-year upgrade tolerable, for instance.
New high-end devices will have no need for extra performance, but it can give you some bragging rights. Some of the byproducts of overclocking, such as additional features and battery savings that come with custom firmware, can be useful too, but don’t forget that if something goes wrong, you may not have a warranty to fall back on.

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Aravi993 days ago

The major harm in overclocking any hardware is that it reduces the lifespane of this device.

The process of overclocking is dangeres because, on failure mostly, you will end with crashing the device permently.

The device overclocking is done when you want more preformance for your smartphone with respect to speed of hardware.

Kindly refer this artical

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alla978 days ago

you can breack your cpu speed by many apps but you need root for exampel i give you set cpu app . it can be harfull because it cuases device heathing and you coud have some problems with overclocking so let this things to somone professnl

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Joaquin2001978 days ago

Overclocking is good. It makes the device perform faster than usual. But when overclocking too much, let's say your CPU was 1.3 GHz and then you overclocked it to 2.3 GHz, that will make your CPU to explode or burnt due to overvoltage. If you want to overclock, jump through the frequencies in a small distance, like from 1.3 GHz, jump to 1.4 GHz. Test it for 1 day like play games. If your phone can handle it, increase it a little bit more. When you increased it to a certain value and your phone starts to show signs of problem like getting hot too fast, decrease it. I recommend you jump to 0.2 GHz of your current CPU frequency. Underclocking is also about clocking the CPU. But you decrease it rather than increase it. Underclocking does not require custom kernel. Not like overclocking, sometimes you don't need it, sometimes you need it. But instead of increasing performance, it saves more battery, but can lead to poorer performance. Underclocking too much can lead to boot loop if I were not mistaken. Overclocking is useful for someone that really needs a bit more performance like faster gaming, underclocking is useful for someone that doesn't really always use their devices and needs longer battery life. Hope I didn't give false information.

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