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What do you want to know firstly before you travel to other countries? Reward $2
Created by July, 964 days ago, 1987 views

If you travel to other countries for the first time, what do you prefer to know? Its custom, food or others?
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Jock964 days ago

Determine the move in what country you are interested. Unless you are moving for work, and you have no choice, the decision is yours, and you have to understand where, as you think you will live the best. In the beautiful city of roses Toulouse in southwestern France? In Berlin in Germany? In Mexico? In Venezuela? Spain? Australia? China?

Spend a holiday in the country, so you can feel it, before calling her home. Travel is a good source of information, but do not completely rely on them. Try to avoid the tourist zones of the country and visit places "off the beaten path", where you will be able to communicate with the locals on a personal level. But keep in mind: if you burn with the desire to move abroad because conducted in this country vacation, you understand that to spend your vacation and live in the country they are two completely different things. On vacation you do not grind, you do not have to face on a daily basis with the bureaucracy, and in general all you care about. When you live there, life realities are quite different from the tourist experience. Do not base your decision to move only on the fact that you have been in this country!

Learn about the country all you can. This includes local customs (very important), language (even more important), and areas that make up the cities and regions. Do you have to know, you are able to live under other laws, customs and other routine, because all this will affect your daily life. For instance, strict rules about what can be done and what can not be in a country like Singapore (to the extent that it is prohibited to chew gum in a public place, you can go to jail) can lead to the fact that our freedom-loving fellow citizens feel squeezed .

Learn about immigration laws and procedures. Can you at least move to the country, which would like to live? Some countries are very strict requirements for immigrants, depending on income, age, skills, training, and family ties. You may find that if you are not rich, do not have the necessary skills, are too old or do not have family members already living in this country, you have no way to move there. Read the rules established for the specific country, its immigration website. Call the appropriate immigration department and ask for more specific information in relation to himself - no amount of printed information will not be as clear as a statement of his personal situation to the one who can advise on specific issues.

Note the language barrier. Do people speak a different language in the country where you are going to move? If so, are you talking the language? Be honest with yourself about your ability to learn a new language - some people find it very difficult to learn a new language, even if they are immersed in the environment. At the time, until you know it, you will feel alienated from much of what is happening around you. If so you do not have enough self-confidence, it can be extremely unpleasant experience.

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azzromyo964 days ago

Hi @July
Ensuring that the country of destination does not have infectious diseases, otherwise it must be vaccinated
Your passport must registered in your memo record
Try to not show your passport unless absolutely necessary and an responsible person
See your embassy when you arrive and record your passport there
In case you lose your passport to remember the need to inform the nearest police station and then a review of the Embassy of your country with the image of the author.
Be an ambassador for your country and make your actions reflect and beware of those who try your involvement in the positions of scratch your belongings or your morals or patriotism bright image for your country.
You should learn more on the customs and traditions of this country, so as not to inadvertently harm, them.
hope this helps

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slayao964 days ago

When you travel to other countries, first thing you need to know is how to greet in the country's language. For instance, you want to go to China, you may want to know first how to say "Ni Hao?" or hello. A simple greeting could open the different doors of knowledge for you to enjoy your stay in that particular country.

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Chelper964 days ago

I have lived in Germany, Italy and worked in India. the first thing I would do is make sure you are up to date on all your shots, then make sure it is a friendly country. their customs, and try to interact with some that speak your language. for they can teach you a lot.

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Ohayoua963 days ago

Definitely learn customs and courtesies. Learn the history so you know the context of what you observe. And if you have time learn the language. Speaking with those whose lives are wrapped around these other places makes the experience much richer.

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