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Created by finefin, 910 days ago, 1680 views

How often do you clean up your PC?
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Logicz1hunid910 days ago

Almost everyday.

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DavidT910 days ago

-The short version of correct answer -

Hi there!

Oh, well man , you actually don't want to do that very often, for the sake of your hard drive's life span ;)

Usually you should do it once per month. Depends on what you do with your computer. But surely not very often .

Have a good day =)

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aM910 days ago

every day bro

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Whiterabbit01910 days ago

Depends what you mean by clean your computer.

Hard Drives:

1) ... I'd use a duplicate file cleaner to remove duplicate files, though never delete duplicate dll files or other system files as these are very important and could cause your computer to stop working. Clear out the Temporary folders especially the one located in the hidden AppData Folder which you can find in your user accounts folder (you need to go to control Panel and find folder options so that you can un hide hidden folders. Once your unhidden your hidden folders you can easily see them as they look slightly lighter than normal folders. The temporary folder is located in the C:\Users\AppData\LOCAL folder. Your My Documents folder can fill up very fast, especially if you play a lot of games and run lots of different programs, especially converters. These tend to install folders in the My Documents folder or the App. I usually transfer documents, photographs and videos to external back up drives and also back them up onto DVD's and blu Ray discs. This keeps the C Drive clear and will speed up your computer. The fuller your drive is, the slower your computer will run. If you only have one drive on your computer, you can create a second drive by partitioning the drive. (Google it to see how it is done, it's really easy). Once partitioned you can use the new drive as your back up drive. This can really spped up boot up speeds and speed up your computer in general

2) ... If you install a lot of programs it is also a good idea to clear out your start up folder as too many start up programs will slow down your boot up speed. You can do this easily using wise Cares program. A lot of programs will automatically insert themselves into your start up folder. you need to decide which ones you really need to be running all the time and turn those off that are not necessary.

3) ... You should avoid cleaning it more than once a week, but preferably once a month. The more you clean the more you use the HDD the faster it wears out. After cleaning your HDD you should always defragment your hard drive so as to minimise spinning. (Every time you delete files gaps are left on the recordable surface). When you install new programs they fill these gaps and that program is effectively fragmented. when you run the program it doesn't run as fast due to the drive reader having to search for all of the parts of the program that are spread around the hard drive. Defragmenting rearranges all of the programs on your hard drive so that they are joined together and not fragmented.

4) ... If you have your operating system installed to a Solid State Drive (SSD) it's not recommended to clean it regularly because the effectiveness of a SSD reduces every time you record on it. The more you clean the faster the SSD deteriorates. You should also not defragment a SSD for the same reason.

5) ... By cleaning I would also assume you mean cleaning out the actual computer hardware? I clean mine every three months. A build up of dust can cause overheating of the components inside and this will reduce the life of your computer. I rarely cleaned my computer until a few years ago I lost two very expensive graphic cards (cost me over £1500 for both cards) due to the fans becoming blocked by dust. I didn't notice this until the monitor started to look weird. I found the fans totally blocked and unable to move, which caused the chips to overheat and burn out. Use a proprietary dust cleaner. I usually buy them in bulk online usually via Amazon. A six pack can work out quite cheap and they do keep the internals free from build ups of dust. Depending where you keep your PC dust build up can be quite significant over a few months. Most of my PC's are either kept in my study, which is marble tiles or in other rooms with wooden flooring. My children's computers become clogged with dust a lot quicker because their rooms are carpeted with think piled carpets, plus the dust from bed sheets and quilts helps to clog up the computer.

6) ... A soft bristled watercolour paint brush is ideal for brushing off dust from the motherboard. Don't use man made fibres, best to use natural fibre brushes to avoid static build up, otherwise you could damage components on the board or even the main chip. Very fine dust can build up on the vanes of the fans, This is not always possible to remove using a can of air, so you should clean it off using a damp (not wet) cloth. A finer brush can be used to clear out debris accumulated in the keyboard. Don't forget to clean the bottom of your mouse as well. Sometimes dust builds up around the feet of the mouse and can cause problems later.

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Whiterabbit01910 days ago

please ignore this, didn't realize I could edit my comment above. Needed to correct some errors, sorted. :)

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serezha910 days ago

Everyday!!! I need it for saving my privacy. Security and memory of my computer.

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koroleva910 days ago

I scheduled Wise Care 365 to run once a week but as Whiterabbit's answer seems to be interesting to me, I think I'll switch it to once a month.

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azzromyo910 days ago

Hi @finefin
when i check my pc is become slow or check for sure signs of malware usually twice a month and sometimes once a week


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nino2018910 days ago

Hi @finefin
read this dear

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Laki11910 days ago

Hi @finefin I use the standard PC Checkup almost everyday of the week, the other cleaners i.e System Cleaner witch has a registry cleaner, common cleaner and other useful cleaners i use them like once a week, i find Wise Care 365 to be more effective then any other cleaner i ever used by far.

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thantaibx910 days ago

I scheduled Wise Care 365 to run once a day

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olja225588909 days ago

Two times per week. I need to clean my pc, but not that much.

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PauliPariah909 days ago

At least twice a day: once on start up, once on finishing, always after a restart. You hard drive is made to work, & to last, your motherboard will die before your hard drive ( from bitter experiences)

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Jock907 days ago

It can be used only once per week. It's enough. Or when you feel that your computer slows down

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mdaffronte907 days ago

about once a week is usually enough.

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zrodfects907 days ago

Pretty much everyday, i'm online 24/7 so the chances of my pc going slow is quite high.... I always use Wisecare to clean what I can, I then clear all history within the browsers I use and and then I use Steganos Internet Trace Destructor 7 to further clean what I miss, plus all my files are stored on an external HDD so nothing is kept on my main PC, so every few months I re-formet to give it a fresh new start...

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nihal29904 days ago

when ever my pc goes to idel mode it opens wc365 and run cleaing , very handy , useful feature.

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GreasieB904 days ago

I have started using it daily. I love it!!

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Razsaheel901 days ago

I have set it on Auto mode.

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