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What kind of entertainment do you do when bored? 5
Created by ZezuZaza, 730 days ago, 1007 views

Eating seeds is my pastime activity..... share us
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azzromyo730 days ago

Hi @ZezuZaza
go out for walking

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seven730 days ago

I like eating seeds too.

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Bine485729 days ago

Ich spiele mit meinem Hund Ball

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koroleva729 days ago

When I'm bored I have to try new things, learning a new language, playing a game for a first time, discover new songs or watch a movie or a tv show. Sometimes I sing or dance ... it doesn't matter as long is it's new and fun it makes me feel like I'm ready for a fresh start.

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zrodfects728 days ago

I am an artist, so either drawing some video game art, or just drawing in general, this for me never get's boring,

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bonnponferrada728 days ago

when i am bored and the weather is good, skateboarding is the best past time.

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DavidT727 days ago

I play this :D :D When i was a kid i used to shoot the pidgeons with a bb gun, not very correct vs animals, it was fun tho.

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Jock727 days ago

I am writing something in a notebook or reading good books . Doing sports.

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keli727 days ago

Watch tv :P

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Alemu723 days ago

when i'm bored my entertainment is, the latest game i can download and enjoy,or game's i done have on PC like online game HALO,emulator game's N64 mario party to play with friend's and family, or watch some anime like samurai X, one punch man, or movie's like terminator 2, alien 2 ,or watch some old TV show's on you tube , like mr, bean ,allo allo ,or our present cartoon and thing's like, south park ,regular show,rick and morty!

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bonnponferrada718 days ago

going out w/ friends and hanging out in an comedy bar.

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loway_tamer710 days ago

Gaming and Music are the best things that can kill boring and change mood to better

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Tejendra705 days ago

Listening music

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Dipto697 days ago

When I'm totally bored , I read books that are kind of silent and very low activity. But the book's not boring. Say for example : Dracula by Bram Stoker. It's a slow story and doesn't pressurize your head. You can even skip some pages if you like. Another Example : Omega Point by Humayun Ahmed. Just like that...

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andrea_lizeth683 days ago

Hmmm i like playing videogames :D and also i can drown in thw sea of Youtube haha... Other thing that i do is read :D

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igor632 days ago

I go to bed.

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Meow545 days ago

When i get bored i am going to the theatre because bicycle riders willingly breaking their body parts there(that dish is available if bicycle riders love to gather at the theatre in your city as well) and a lot of actors walking around playing their funny roles they buying tickets with important faces and hella lot of details even in clothes they wear could bring me a lot of intertaiment. Last time i got bored i were dancing with sectants and eating fruits with them tho but you shouldn't do the same thing over and over again

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