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Can someone make me laugh? I dont laugh almost 1 year.. Reward $2
Created by ZezuZaza, 1678 days ago, 1908 views

I have a difficulties to laugh. Can someone do a joke or something that can make my day...
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azzromyo1678 days ago

Hi @ZezuZaza
try to watch these :

hope you like this

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shawn1678 days ago

Last week, I watched a TV series named "Crashing" .
It made me laugh, you can take a look.

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nino20181678 days ago

Dear watched this video I'm sure you will laugh

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BQB1678 days ago

I don't laugh much at things online, I'd recommend go out with your friends to somewhere you might find funny. If not though, you can try watching vines. Very few of them are funny, but there are some good ones (David Lopez is one of the best viners)

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DavidT1678 days ago

You're welcome >:D Have a good day!

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zrodfects1677 days ago

Q) What did Jay-Z call Beyonce before they got married ?
A) Feyonce

This blonde was so dumb after she took a photo-copy of a document she compared it to the original for spelling mistakes.

This blonde was so dumb that during a cold winters day she said my windows frozened, someone said poor hot water over it, the blonde said done but now the computer won't turn on.

Enjoy :P

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maren1676 days ago

So, lets try with this video:

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zacrocks0111676 days ago

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ayoub171676 days ago

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omarmeng1676 days ago

one year!!!!! this is a joke ,right?

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marcel471675 days ago

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Bine4851675 days ago

Ja, ich habe im Laufe der Zeit auch das Lachen verlernt - der Ernst des Lebens hat mich einfach abgestumpft - es wäre schön, mal wieder von Herzen zu lachen !

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Jock1673 days ago

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zahidawan1672 days ago

Well you didn't laugh from a year ....
Can I ask how old are you?
I want to know a little bit about you then I can suggest how you can laugh. I think you are shocked by a major incident in your life.
I want to know that & after that I can tell you how you can laugh or live your life well as a normal person.
you can find me on fb here we can better talk there on this issue.
I hope you never mind to talk with me in private chat.
I guarantee you after that I'll guide you how you can smile & live a normal life.
We can better talk in private so I can better understand your situation then I can give you smiling moments ... Hope you never mind ...
You know what the most important & rare thing of the world is TIME that you give to other.
I want to give you time for your problem to solve it ....

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Alemu1671 days ago

(TRUE STORY) one day in town i walk out of a taxi,
and a guy try to sell me fart in a plastic bottle for $2 dollar's !

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Dipto1671 days ago

When I was in high school I was kind of THE BOSS OF THE CLASS. Once a long haired fat kid messed with me. We had a fight but I lost. So I planned something else. Next day in lunch break when he went to play I drank his lemonade and peed in his water bottle. Then I glued the chair he was sitting on. After returning he was very tired. He sat on the chair and started drinking very quickly. By the time he realized what he was drinking it was too late. He drank almost 1/4 of my pee. He got very angry and tried to get up. But he was stuck very hard. I took glue on my hand and wrapped it around all of his long curly hairs standing in his back. Suddenly I saw the teacher coming. I spitted in his mouth and escaped thru the back door. The next day when I saw him I asked him if he wanted more ??? He said sorry for fighting with me. That's how I taught him a lesson.

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bugsmasher1671 days ago

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omarwa791671 days ago


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Aravi1662 days ago

I think you need to consult a dentist. Snif some Nitrous oxide. It will defently make you laugh.

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