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Ebook or real book? Which one do you prefer? Reward $2
Created by shawn, 1684 days ago, 1548 views

Ebook or real book? Which one do you prefer?
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zrodfects1684 days ago

Traditional books look great all lined up on your shelf, but e-books you can take anywhere with you on even the tiniest devices even hundreds and thousands of e-books, so depends what your doing, if your at home during the day, a traditional book is best, or your going to bed and you want a few minutes of read or out and about e-book is the way :)

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chakramed1684 days ago

Hi @shawn ,

I love feeling the pages . something about the fact that I can spill something on it when I'm reading while eating .Also means that I can skim ahead (much faster than with an e-book) and cheat (and ruin the story) when things start to slow down. And I was so frustrated when I was reading a book on my computer that I never tried it again. E-books might save trees, might be more convenient, but they are NOT for me.


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nino20181684 days ago

Hi @shawn ,
I like - and have both. I like the e-reader for the convenience of carrying several books at one time. I like a paper book to curl up with in the chair. I have been a big reader since - well, double or triple your age. I probably have - over the years - read 4x as many books than more hairs on your head. I am sad for the printing industry that many people will lose jobs because of e-readers. And I agree that one cannot get the art work on e-readers. Although the Nook color does do some of that. And I expect (I don't have one) the tablets out now do as well.

I also collect children's books simply because I love the illustrations. Which you can't get on e-readers. And I feel sad for the child who's mother was on here not long ago complaining about reading her child a story from her phone. Nothing like sharing a paper book, turning pages and looking at the drawings with a child. Pointing out words and letters. Both my children could read by age 4 because of our constant looking at books. I don't see how that can happen with e-readers. And they are both big readers now as adults. I give credit to being able to share paper books with them. Having the books available for them to handle, feel, touch, look at-whenever they wanted. That's not so easy with e-readers.

But now that I'm older - I have a basement full of paper. So much that the house would go up in 2 minutes in a fire with all the books I have. Or one end is just going to tip over one of these days. Now the problem is what to do with all of them.

I would respond to Kansas though - about picking up a REAL book. A REAL book isn't the format it comes in. It's the content. Think of it like your phone - which I'm sure you cannot live without. Maybe people think it's not a REAL phone unless it has a cord and is attached to the kitchen wall. And has no buttons for texting or apps for whatever one uses apps for. That phones are used for "calling and talking" to people. Not sending unintelligble messages and getting freaked out if not responded to immediately. I'll give you the argument about REAL books the day you ignore your ringing phone and text message buzz because you are reading.

I like e-readers for the convenience. I like paper books for many reasons.

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ZzMrXzZ1684 days ago

I prefer real book much more. No dizzy eyes, lovely paper smell and relaxing when reading

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azzromyo1684 days ago

Hi @shawn
i prefer real book it make me research more and found some articles that can not be found on ebooks because ebooks took me to the specific research and real book let me research slowly and find more

Regards hope you understand me

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igor1674 days ago

I prefer e-book because it often travels and I can not take the library.

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