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How to get more website visitors from social media? Reward $2
Created by ross, 1652 days ago, 1902 views

How to get more website visitors from social media?
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zrodfects1652 days ago

There are free visitor generator sites but your getting a lot of fake bots and can ruin your website so don't use them..

Best to interact with similar interests on other pages, and ask people to visit your page, the worst thing that can happen your comment may get removed, but not always, look for large groups to do it in, post in youtube comments, twitter, maybe some screenshots or whatever your page is about and post images on pintrest, after all these are all free to do yourself and yeah may take some time, unless your a well known celeb you ain't going to get thousands of followers in one night, be patient, keep posting, believe me, when you start seeing the odd few come through it is great to see, and just keep it up, once you get a few hundred going it almost runs itself, most people follow pages when there are heaps of followers even for reasons that have no interest for them because they think it's popular...

Good luck and keep going..

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chakramed1652 days ago

Hi @ross ,

How to Drive More Facebook Traffic to Your Website in 5 Easy Steps :

#1: Make Sure You Have a Steady Stream of Shareable Content on Your Website
#2: Make it Easy to Share Your Content to Facebook on Your Website
#3: Optimize Your Facebook Posts
#4: Optimize Other Places on Facebook to Add Links to Your Website
#5: Advertise

For More Details :


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nino20181652 days ago

Hi @ross ,

10 free ways to get more visitors to your web site

please dear read this

good answer

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zrodfects1652 days ago

Noticed people sharing links to get free likes, these are bots and fakes, this is what ruins your website, people can also see this a mile away and will stay away from your pages..... Think about it, getting thousands of free likes from around the world, mainlt the middle east areas, technically getting forced to follow your page as it automatically does this, I advise you to stay away from sites that drive traffic to you automatically.. I do these all the time as tests because my job as an sales promoter on social pages....

I did a test once, I got 17,000+ followers, after several months it went down to less than 5,000, and counting, if you put your social page through a test that some people do you will see that your gaining fake likes and will stay away from you.. read my original post, this is the only way, get out there yourself online and interact, post here and there, continually enough til they just come naturally...

But this is your choice....

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azzromyo1652 days ago

Hi @ross
here you are:

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