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Do I need antivirus other than Windows defender? Reward $2
Created by linburger, 1646 days ago, 4162 views

Do I need antivirus other than Windows defender?
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DavidT1646 days ago


No, usually windows defender is enough as a protection, but if you want to feel more safe, you can go ahead and try Malwarebytes products.

Everything is free and it's the best. Just take a look, this is what you need ;)

Have a good day!

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chakramed1646 days ago

Hi @linburger ,

i suggest you to use eset nod 32 is the best and light you will never have problems and protect agnaist 99% of attaks


here is my preuve i use it since i test on 2008.


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omarwa791646 days ago

in last year the best antivures is Kasperski

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nino20181646 days ago

Hi @linburger ,
Windows Defender is fine if you're already careful about what you download. It's mostly considered baseline protection these days and other antivirus programs are recommended instead.

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ZzMrXzZ1646 days ago

If you use your computer for web browsing and some stuffs then no need. If not, then go ahead, find a third party AV and install it.

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nihal291646 days ago

you definitely need a better anti virus then windows Defender , it is built in anti virus , which is not enough. read this

you can try free antivirus like avast , avg etc.
or you must buy
be safe .

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luckymicky7771646 days ago

Well actually I use only Windows Defender on my Windows 10 but of course it all depends on the type of use for example if you use P2P download and stream it's best if you have a secondary like Avast is pretty complete and also I regularly use superantispyware to remove all malware from my computer every few days, this is the link to where you can download all the free aps;

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ha141646 days ago

Windows defender is basic protection and do not have other features like self protection so malware can shut windows defender.

you can add other security tools like
Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit$
Select the Use Recommended Settings option to enable recommended settings to protect commonly exploited programs like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office, Adobe
Alternatively you can try
Malwarebytes Anti-Exploit

if you do alot of online transactions then add also
Zemana AntiLogger FREE

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azzromyo1646 days ago

Hi @linburger
you must add an antivirus because windows defender is not enough here is some advice :

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Nosniknot1646 days ago

You should also download adblock plus for ads and popups in your browser which will also lower the possibility of spyware.

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Rugrat1645 days ago

No. Anti-Virus is based on preferance. as windows defender is a paid program(only comes with pro or ultimate versions one would assume it would be better than say the best free one like
AVast. For malware use Malwarebytes or spybot search and destroy or both like I myself. I myself use Avast over Windows Defender.
That is the most accurate answer.

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G33kpaine1645 days ago

No need Antivirus. Security is just an Illusion :P

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Wyllian1645 days ago

Yes, because it adds an additional, broader protection to your computer.

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ZezuZaza1645 days ago

Yes. You should need anti-virus because not many definition in Windows Defender. Windows Defender not expert in the fields as this is sub-scope project. Use Avira anti-virus. Low consumtion of ram usage(light apps), efficient, reliable. I use it avira almost now 10 years.

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MASY20001645 days ago

Hi Dear Friend,

You sould need an Antivirus Program on Your Computer because Windows Defender not only Basic protection.
Best Free AntiVirus Forever Reliable,Secure & Free :

1. 360 Total Security
Download URL Link :
Click Link and after 5 Second press Skip AD

2. Comodo Free AntiVirus
Download URL Link :
Click Link and after 5 Second press Skip AD

Check them and you will enjoy it.

I hope, I assit you.

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koroleva1645 days ago


You definitely need an antivirus on your computer. The question is which one you need to choose ?
Well that depends on your computer performances and if yes or no you are willing to pay for it.
First of all, there is no perfect software that can block entirely every treat, that's a fantastic dream. Even equipped with the right security software you need to be careful.
If you are looking for a free antivirus go for Avast.
If you have a powerful computer like gaming laptop or multimedia computer with a large RAM go for Kaspersky (winner of 2016 antivirus tests) or Bitdefender.
If your computer is a bit old or not very strong one I recommend you ESET Smart Security, it's light and efficient.

Remember that you will have to put only ONE antivirus on your computer and never more than that.

Now, in addition to the antivirus you will need an anti-malware. As far as I'm concerned, I think Malwarebytes is the best of this category for now.

Also use a good browser like Firefox instead of IE. And use Adblock Plus to remove pub and Wot to have a clear idea of the level of security of the sites you are visiting.

My last advices would be to avoid as much as you can peer to peer (torrent), use direct links instead for download and keep all your software updated specially Java.

Have a good time on internet :)

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yandi129501645 days ago

There is an antivirus that can be installed along side with other antivirus that has been installed in our PC/laptop and does not conflict with it. Its name is SMADAV. Here is the link to its official website:

It is very good to scan viruses in flashdisks

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zrodfects1644 days ago

I use Windows Defender and at times do the free system checkups though the microsoft website, after all Microsoft made windows so Defender is designed for this purpose, there is no need whatsoever to get free or paid antivirus, hackers feed on virus protectors to worm their way around their protection, while Microsoft do day to day maintenance and you can update daily or get notified automatically.

I used anti virus software in the past such as PC Tool, don't get me wrong I was in love with this program, did everything I wanted, so I work from home and do reviews promotions and a million other online work I am always online, PC Tool now owned by Nortons I believe was awesome but over time rubbish got through and got to certain system files, this goes with Nortons and a few others I tried, so I use Defender, haven't had any dramas whatsoever...

Just make sure you know what sites your visiting and what pop ups mean if you clicked or didn't click on something, some pop ups can be convincing, such as we found suspicious activity and will show your pc details and location to entice you more to accept and download, then hackers have got you..

At the end of the day there is and will never be the one antivirus program to use there will always be something to get around it, hence why there are constant updates new version, new utilities. The pentagon uses the most advance scanners in the world that will never be on the market yet they change this every few minutes...

So Defender is all you need, after all Microsoft created windows so why not use Mircrosofts program, its free and always will be.

Trust me don't get other free or paid antivirus software from other companies, they didn't build windows so what are you really getting?

If you own and need to repair your Ford, will you put Toyota parts on it ?

Another thing with me I have no files at all on my PC, everything is stored on an external 4TB HDD, so if you have computer dramas virus related or system fail you won't lose your stuff, I also re-form

Hope this helps :)

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Silver3471642 days ago

Most of Utilities are also bad cause they can cause to even delete some of the files if software wasnt programmed well so dont install to many AND also do not install more then one Malware program cause it may cause some serious issues

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Ravindra_21639 days ago


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Rchd1971639 days ago

yes of course u need a light antivirus to renforce ur Wall of defense i advice u to use it next to windows defender

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zahidawan1639 days ago

If you are using Windows as your operating system then I recommend you to install Microsoft Security essentials.
It is the best best best no doubt. But for this you have to install a genuine version of Windows.
Un-install other antiviruses just install this & you will be free from any internet attack or offline threat.
You can Download it from the following link of Microsoft Official Antivirus for free of cost.

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Aravi1632 days ago

It deponds upon you and how you use your computer.

1) For who Windows defender is enough: Normal home, user who dont try to install much programs, don't try experiment more in internet, etc.

2) For who Windows defender is not enough: Colledge students who share PD most and insert pd in collages, internet data security experts (White hats), work place/ education place computers, cyber cafe, gamming zone, Super users, who like to always try new/ free softwares and surf any kind of website.

Simple test: Try this free malware removal tool. Scan your pc once. If no virus found then Windows defender enough. If virus found, it is not enough.

** You may find many unwanted software which other users marked as junk.

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Dag6261631 days ago

i use NORTON SECURITY and MALWAREBYTES PREMIUM and for THE FIRST time in many YEARS i'm malware free-i know the are not free but i have PEACE of mind now.

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dshainline1621 days ago

I do use Defender, but if you talk to any TRUE pc repair person they will tell you you need way more. The main reason is one person is trying to get into your pc to get your info, another is just trying to create havoc on your pc, and yet another is just waiting until you buy something online. The answer is to cover you PC! Do not click on links that you do not know who they are from, if an email looks wrong from a friend, don't open it, contact them and make sure they sent it. (IE: your Mother sends you a link to a XXX site, and she does not own a PC)

I recommend Malware-bytes, :
JV-16 :
& Wise-Care 365 :

Now to be honest, I did buy all three because I have used them for years, liked them a lot ran them a lot (as needed, not as daily though). I strongly advise you (as you can $ wise) buy them, then you own them and if you run into a problem you can text or call help-desk for any of them. I have a laptop that I started out with Windows 7 and have always used Google Chrome and Gmail, I upgraded to Windows 10 and still use all three on Chrome. Make sure when you upgrade to windows 10 you upgrade each of these also.

I hope this helps not only you, but others too!

IMHO: Norton tries to take over your pc, as does some others, just my experience.

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SetupComputer1620 days ago

Well, no, you don't need another one.

Usually, antivirus comapnies hype their products to the point of hyperbole, but actually they offer the same level of protection as those available built-in on Windows.

SmartScreen filter checks for files and web pages to avoid malware and suspicious sites.
Windows Defender scans the drive regularly and all inserted media. Yesterday my friend inserted an infected media but was successfully detected.

There are other built-in protection measures in Windows, like the TPM (Trusted Platform Module), which prevents tampering of important operating system files.

Also, Windows have built-in hash checks (CRC-32, CRC-64, SHA-1, SHA-256, etc.) for secure file verification. Right-click a file then select CRC or SHA to verify file integrity.

You see, you don't really need to spend a buck when Microsoft is already doing cutting-edge research for your protection (Microsoft Malware Research Center -, since this is already a package when you are using a licensed operating system. Use your dollar for other purposes, like charity.


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nunitak1620 days ago

When my current costly antivirus subscription runs out, having wide previous experience I will use Windows Defender along with non-active, occasional (at least every other day) scans by SUPERAntivirus (engaged manually) which comes in a free variant for the impecunious.

On my current computer I have a Lifetime Subscription to SUPERAntivirus Pro, which does not come free but had very little cost when I got it. It was and is The Best Bargain for Antivirus Ever, any version, free, paid, or Lifetime.

To engage Windows Defender:

Click START (the lower left Windows Icon)
Click SETTINGS (the gearlike icon)
Click Update & Security
Highlight Windows Defender (select it)
Turn the related slding buttons on right to ON
{there are three buttons that should go ON, all three}

For SUPERAntispyware (SAS) free version, go to "download SUPERAntispyware Free version" at

The Chief Defense against bad viruses and malware is NOT downloading screernsavers, not clicking uninvited email attachments in all cases, not playing games, AND downloading all apps and softwares SOLELY from reputable maker therof.

Any free software download should ALWAYS be scanned by SUPERAntipyware before you install it. Even the free version of SAS spots all problems by comparison to other antivirus and antimalware protections at all higher prices.

Anything SAS says should come off your computer, ALWAYS take it off, no problem, understand the voice of reliable and experienced.

SAS will also check your entire computer for such once first installed, if you are only slightly brainy enough to delve into it and find out how.

I give more help, more accurately, but even I cannot write entire instruction to point of holding your hand, nor will that improve your brain like following my suggestion(s) and your own resulting thinking experience.

So, the above is merely a better start.

BONUS: Consider Acronis Full Image backup software some day you have money. Even if you had 400,000 unremovable viruses on your disk, you could merely Restore the Entire PC from clean backup in less than 1/2 hour.

Assumes you make an occasional Entire PC backup onto external hard drive when PC is working perfectly in all ways, SUPERAntispyware and Windows Defender scans done and all crap removed, disk defragmented, as a minimum.

That enables a CLEAN backup. A true GEEK of even low stature could teach you more, but you would not read all I could put here, unfortunately. Most will not even read and do what has been given, much to their detriment by hard knocks from all the cyberware and cyberspace miscreants.

NOTE: You must UNINSTALL any old, expired or active antivirus before you can engage Windows Defender. Go to 'Uninstall a program' under Programs in the Control Panel. Never do anything FAST when making changes. Slow and carefully observing all that appears on screen AND READING all that pops up is sole safe way. Else you may uninstall wrong program or WORSE.

When your PC will not do anything at all, even a Top Pro Geek is not as valuable as that one Clean Acronis Full Image backup, which would Restore ALL in pristine condition in just about 30 minutes, more or less.

I put enough here for The Wise to learn something. If you have SSD, as a general rule it should NOT be defragged.

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Rapidz1620 days ago

You will need another antivirus because Windows Defender is not good. I suggest Bit Defender to you, which is the top rated antivirus at the moment. It has 10/10 rating on performance and as an antivirus. Here is a link and you also get 30days trial. Good Luck.

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Slimus1620 days ago

Best Free Antivirus

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abouiyed1620 days ago

if windows defender is enough so why are there hundreds of antivirus programs around? the question itself proves that windows defender may not suffice

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Draftrate1620 days ago

No! course windows defender it's Service with special role.1 st role is, being, a part of bridge.That role of bridge is door for all services in windows. So, him place can be ocupied by any security software. keep in role of defender.And play same role of bridge.

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