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What kind of songs do you like to listen? Reward $3
Created by au52, 798 days ago, 1994 views

I like rock music, how about you? What kind of songs do you like to listen? Classical, Jazz or Country music?
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GuillermoAL791 days ago

Personally I like listening all kind of music. To me is not exactly the genre what I love from music actually is the rythm, the topic, the voice of the singer, and especially the overflow of emotion that produce me listen to that song. If that piece of music motivates me or encourages me to do something better, if it makes me remember something from my past, if it lets me feel identified, if it makes me feel like if I could fly, if it let me dream with open eyes, if it is able to truly connect with my soul, then I listen it.

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Logicz1hunid798 days ago

Hi @au52
Hip-Hop, RnB, Jazz, Pop, Reggae, Dancehall and Alternative are my favorite genres in the order I listed them. I am from South America so some of these genres may be strange to you.

What about yours?

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nino2018798 days ago

Hi @au52
I like all kinds of music,and I mean ALL of them.. Even the opera.... But,my opinion the purest music type is orchestra music.. People like Hans Zimmer make that kind of music..

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troubleshooter797 days ago

Music is a magic art, it can create many nice feelings to your soul, on my part i listen to rock and heavy metal music at most, but all kinds of music are nice and the lyrics too, the subgenres i like to hear most of the time in rock music are, hard rock 70's - 80's, psychedelic rock 60's - 70's, progressive rock and aor, in heavy metal i like heavy, nwobhm, epic, power, doom and a little bit of thrash and death.

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azzromyo797 days ago

Hi @au52
i like to listen pop and sad songs


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CatzDog797 days ago

Alternative Rock

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6richard9797 days ago

I like all types of music... All music expands to all believes

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apbwalden792 days ago

All music is good depending upon the mood and occassion and place and sometimes company; however, aye have come to find out that INSTRUMENTALS are the best, for you can PUT IN YOUR OWN WORDS into the song to suit the occassion, mood and place you are when it is played.

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zrodfects792 days ago

This may be the weirdest answer here, but I can't get enough of retro video game music, I just love the melody of them, sometimes I jump on Youtube and checkout some remixes of them to modern it up a bit, some actually do a great job, so yeah, video game music :)

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rynbdr792 days ago

Anything with a good beat basically. Country and Opera being 2 genres that just suck no matter what

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BeverleeC791 days ago


Jazz, Jazz and more Jazz. Some country. I am addicted to Leonard Cohen. I love Big Band music. I like songs when I can understand what the singer is saying. That's why I like country can understand the lyrics. I also love OPERA. My tastes are a mixed bag.

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nan791 days ago

love pink linda ronstadt 80's and current

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mohamad1122791 days ago

I love the quiet songs make me feel Comfort especially in the morning
I advise you to listen to Fairouz Arab :)

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maren791 days ago

All good music. No matter what is type of music. I like rock & roll, movie music, pop,

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Haydiyah788 days ago

Waw! i listen to a lot of different music from Reggae, Dancehall, R&B Hiphop, Jazz, Folk, ECT. Lol. Once it's good and it's making sense to me because i don't like music that's not saying anything.

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ayoub17787 days ago

I listen all types of music

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igor787 days ago

I like musical(Notre-Dame de Paris,Roméo et Juliette,The Phantom of the Opera,Cats).

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firesafe2786 days ago

Music should be something that makes you feel good so whatever it is does not matter as long as YOU enjoy it.

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zizou786 days ago

Rapture love songs and romance

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buddelbrock786 days ago

Garth Brooks,Gary Moore,Chris Rea,Lana del Ray

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