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The best way to treat depression? Reward $2
Created by only_god, 1825 days ago, 1925 views

I have signs.
feel guilty.
Hate myself.
A feeling of emptiness.
and other.
USE 1 Year of drug.but No avail.
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SushiTrash1825 days ago

Best way to deal with depression is not to wallow in it. Tolerating it and coping is nice but keep yourself occupied with things you enjoy to do, or things that'll benefit you in some way. Also, surround yourself in positivity.

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Khalidou1825 days ago

Asalamu Alaikum. Brother I hope this message reaches you. I heard one saying that if you saw a pile of your troubles and a pile of another persons troubles you would accept your own pile. Everyone makes mistakes in life no matter how you look at it. and there are reasons people will have troubles that seem never ending, but I can tell you that a calm lifestyle will bring you peace. because there are so many simple things that bring joy, and it's not simply joy that can be overshadowed by a insignificant negative event, but these things when you have a clear mind you will really enjoy the simplicities in life, i'm sure you've heard before some people talk about the goodness of the simple things in life, although it may come from older people, its all the more reason to put your trust in that, since they have more experience in their life. A lot of teens and young adults seem to be chasing the fast life and they get addicted to this need for constant stimuli, and if a man had two mountains of gold he would seek a third. these non beneficial things that people are craving will only damage peoples outlook on life. Find yourself good company, try to start taking small steps to do the things you know is good to do, start off with making a list of things you can take out of your life. make a list of the positives and negatives in your life, if there are things out of your control, then have patience because this life is a test.
brother i wish you and and those near to you the favour of allah.
. if you would like to keep talking you can send me a message. asalamu alaikum

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only_god1825 days ago

I can not leave bad habits.
because have feel guilty.

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zukgod1825 days ago

Get yourself to the Doctor, they have other things you can try not all drugs work for all people. Go in and try them until you find one that makes you feel like your old self. You don't have to be on it forever, sometimes you can be on them for a while and get off. Just get yourself checked out, life is to short to be unhappy. God Bless my friend, you will be in my thoughts people care about you.

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Ohayoua1825 days ago

In the universe there are billions of galaxies, perhaps several thousands for every human being that exists or ever existed. You tell me which several thousand galaxies are invalid, and I'll tell you why you should be depressed.

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MaureenC1825 days ago

Yes, get to your doctor and try another medication; but in the meantime, do something to help other people: volunteer at a food bank, or help a neighbor shovel snow, hold doors for people at your church or even your local mall, offer to walk a neighbor's dog (no dogs are ever walked enough). Make going out for a walk a daily appointment.

You probably need a good friend or family member to give you a caring boot in the rear to get you to go out -- where do you live? I'm volunteering if it's feasible.

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sam551824 days ago


It is very clear that you have no depression at all, you are just living negativity and could be surounded by people who insist on making you feel this way no matter what your character is, usually people who have your symptoms are people who were brainwashed by someone who makes them feel this way, or they needed help in something fast and could not find the right help at the right time.

This why you feel emptiness. Also, you should blame yourself kind of, because you allowed to happen to you to the extreme that made you feel this way.

It looks like you may have some bad behaviors that you are feeling guilty about, and someone exagorated on this and built over it in a big way negativaly.

The best way to overcome this, is to learn from your mistakes and learn the Environmenst you are in very well, understanding your feelings and your Environments very well and how to deal with that positively and in a good manner.

We all know that for every action there is a reaction, you need to control your reactions and stay calm as possible and not to be engaged with negativity as much as you could, and if you feel you can not deal with a bad situation and you do not want to make it obvious sometimes, just try to withdrew yourself from it as calmly as you could and try your best to avoid arguments that will never help and could make more stressful and feeling depressed later and having the signs you mentioned.

Always no matter what your situations are, look for the postive sides and the positive things, Try your best to engage yourself with activities and things that will make you feel good, and you feel you are doing the right things to yourself and others. try to have a good continuaty in the good things you are doing, and try to spend your time on things that can build yourself and build others around you. Doing good things will make you feel good no matter what the outcomes of it.

Deal with others like you expect nothing in return, and if you are looking for friendships, For Example, do not have the attitude of looking out for friendships, just be a friend in your behavior and the right persons will be friends natuarally with time. Do not push yourself on others which can make you feel depressed or guilty.

I did see that you could be using drugs becuase of the feelings you have, It could be that you are surounded by bad friends or bad people, do not listen to people who advise you on this, Drugs will never help by any means, it just make you forget your situation temporary, and could make you feel relaxed for a while but it has a big severe side affects and results afterwards or right away. This is the worst thing you can do depending on something like that. The best way to deal with problems is to face them right and deal with them right in a way that will never hurt you or others. Do not run away from your problems or postpone finding a solution for them. Try your best to solve your problems and the feelings you have, as fast as possible, otherwise you will be hurting yourself very much if you are not controling yourself positively.

Maybe you have social pressure from the situation you are in already, do not let this control your mind and have big affects on your mind negatively, try your best o get rid of the bad thoughts if you had them as fast as possible ( always best to shift or switch your thinking right away to something positive as fast as possible), and do not let it last in your head for a long time, and do not let it conrol your actions, behaviour or the way you look to others.

Always try your best to present good impressions about yourself and make sure with time that it is coming from deep within you, and this is the right feelings for you. Usualy, your actions and behavors comes from your thoughts and the feelings you have at the same time. Try your best to be positive inside out. And try to build postive thinking and positive behaviors all the time. It is very important to learn the process of how to have a good control on your thinking positivaly in a way that makes you feel good and this will reflect on all aspects positively.

A good step that will also help and it is the right solution, try to engage yourself with activities with the right people all the time, and do what you enjoy doing and makes you feel happy all the time.

Having good friends and good people around you that you can trust will help you very much in getting out of the situations you are in. If you have old good freinds, try your best to re-build that good relationships doing the right things and make sure you keep yourself on the right track all the time.

I hope these points will help you, and if you feel that you are very depressed and very stressed for a time more than it should, and can not do or control yourself positivily. seek help from someone you trust right away.

If you do not have someone to talk to, seek help from a doctor you trust. Do not hurt yourself and you could be hurting others by staying in this situation. Being depressed for a long time can hurt you negatively on your health and other aspects too, It is not worth it.

It is not very hard to get out of it the right way, you could do it overnight and right away if you think deeply about it right, and have the complete picture in your mind of the causes, the solutions, and the affects of how it will make you feel, in the right and the best environments for you.

Always think positively no matter what the situation is, and do not give up. And do things with total confiidence and determination.

I hope these points did help, and wish you the best and the best luck always.

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nuklin1824 days ago

No one is better off, you're simply the best having realized your mistakes. All you need do is forget the past, take a decision on a career path, plan on your new life, stop procrastinating, don't compare, don't be scared to fail and be prayerful because whether you accept it on not there's something spiritual about life which must be taken care of, for anyone to strive. Start from where you are right now. Good luck.

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troubleshooter1823 days ago

keep in mind that many people have been healed from depression, i had suffered heavily too some years before and took pharmaceutical drugs too but to no avail, i recovered without medication, the things you should do are not to think of your guilt anymore, you are alive, nobody punished you for your guilt except you, so you can forgive yourself, in fact nobody knows if this guilt you feel is really a guilt, i suppose you are a nice and sensitive person, you just self obsess yourself to being guilty. other things you should do are listen to music you like, have some true friends to cheer you up, understand and feel you. You should also excercise your body some minutes a day, eat regularly and regain the will to live, you asked for help here so you want to get over your problem and live happily in the future, keep in mind that depression can really be healed, you are in a bad state of mind these days and in my opinion it's a false view of yourself and of the reality you have. you should change your consciousness, don't think of things that depress you, good luck and have faith in yourself. I am sure you can do it

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6richard91823 days ago

Consean trait on the good feelings you have had in live and rejoyse in those feelings.. I also from deppression..

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dricka492211823 days ago

I have had depression for 34 years now. I have also work in the mental health field for 10.5 years, and also used my knowledge in the mental health field for the 35 years I worked in the nursing field. You are going to run the gammit in the answers you will received. There are some things you might or might not know. Depression is real disease. It is not something you can just "snap out of" and more than you could "snap out of" having high blood pressure or diabetes or having blue eyes. Even when you are well controlled you are going to have good days and bad days, just like you did before you had depression. So as you are being treated and you are on the road to recovering to a non-depressed state, do not let the "bad" days make you think that you are relapsing. I was on medications a few times, took it as directed for as long as the doctor thought was necessary. But with me, the depression always returned. That was when they made the diagnosis of, clinical depression. Meaning that I will most likely be on medication for my real disease for the rest of my life. Does that bother me? No it does not bother me. Why, you ask? Because I have a real disease with real symptoms. Some people feel down and blue all the time with depression. Others, like myself, manifest symptoms in a physical way, like pain from my neck down to my hips. I also get very irritable when my depression flares up. It is very important to know yourself and your symptoms. This is because if you know the symptoms, you can head off haveing a full fledge regression into depression if you know what your symptoms of depression are. In direct response to you message: why do you feel guilty? Why do you hate yourself? I will NOT tell you what you should and should not do, that would make me take on a parental role, which you do not need (or at least I don't think you need). I can educate you and let you know that there is nothing to be guilty, ashamed, any other self inflicted negative emotion about, for having depression. Depression is an imbalance in your brain chemistry, which sometimes can be brought back into line with what would make you feel well again, and your body can maintain itself from there. On the other side of that same coin, there are people like myself, who required medication(s) to keep the balance in check and in the range it needs to be. When I am well regulated, I live a happy productive life (which is the vast majority of the time). Anybody can develop depression. I had a pastor who had depression. His heart was right with our Lord and Savior. As is the way of life, when you truly believe in God, God is always in control, God has a plan for your life, and only HE knows where this path you are travelling will take you, the obstacles you will face and where you will end up at the end of each day. This pastor I mentioned, though it did not make it any easier, his depression helped to show him a deviation in his chosen career. He found out that God wanted him to work in the mental health field. He therefore left the pulpit for a different way of ministering. Last I heard, his depression was well controlled and he was happy with his new way of ministering to people. MEDICATION Medications have gotten better over the years. The newer medications have a much quicker acting time that some of the old medications. At one time, it was not uncommon for it to take as long a 6 weeks for you to get the full benefit of an antidepressant. So as you can see, if one medications did not work for you, and you had to try another one, you might be talking 12 weeks total time before you felt better. Worse yet if the second one did not work you could spend another 6 weeks (total 18 weeks now). This could go on and on. But lucky for you and I (and all the other depresssion patients) there are meds now days, that can have an almost FULL EFFECT in a week. I would encourage you to see your personal doctor and discuss the you feelings and the options that he feels are best for you. I am on a combination of two medications. Some doctors do NOT prescribe combination medication regiments. This is because they do NOT know what will work with what. My doctor suggested I see a psychiatrist, and I was enraged. When he finally told me the reason, it made sense to me, albeit, I was still cocky in my response. He said he did not know enough to combined those type of medication. He said to me, "just like you would not know how to deliver a baby" to which I replied, "but I know enough about it to give it one hell of a try". After I thought about what he had said, I had to relent my feelings and understood he was only trying to do what was best for my mental health, and was not trying to "pass me off as a problem for someone else to deal with." When you are very depressed, it is HARD to "do something you like" and you are sometimes NOT interested in anything, not even the things that used to bring you a lot of pleasure. But at least try to do some of the things you used to like to do. I might help distract you mind enough for you to get some temporary relief. I hope what I have written is helpful. If you would like to talk to me more, you can contact me at

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alvindgreat1823 days ago

Hi @only_god
Drugs is bad. My god, I hate drugs!

Depression and loneliness is a just a state of mind. We are what we train our mind to believe and think. Therefore, when you feel like you are depressed and lonely, think of things that excites you. There are some differences from people to people in boredom and sadness management. I experience the same from time to time; and I conquer them. Maybe the below tips will help you.
1. Cook and feed yourself. When I get depressed and sad, I learn and study some new recipe and later on cook something, afterwhich I invite some friends to come over at home and throw some small fancy chit-chats with them over table while eating my dish.
2. Go to the gym. It is said that going to the gym regularly makes your body alive and alert. Thus, sadness is avoided. Your body releases happy hormones when going to the gym keeping you happy and oriented. Aside from that, you are keeping your body fit and healthy.
3. Do some running or cycling. It is a good way of getting away from depression and loneliness. You've got to sweat and make your body fit. Plus, you've got to see the beauty of nature. In our country, there are lots of scenes I got to witness when running, whether it’s the trees, the grass, the shores, sunset or sunrise. My boredom and sadness vanishes away.
4. Play your sport of choice. I am into basketball thing. When I got sad and lonely, I used to go to the basketball court and play there. Whether I’m alone or with some other players out there, I play. It develops your teamwork and camaraderie, plus strengthens your social skills.
5. Read some books or solve some puzzles/math problems. Sometimes I read some books that interest me when I got sad. It practices your mind and makes you think. Depression and sadness is a state of mind, so when you make your mind think, they go away. I am into mathematics too, so the more I got to solve math trivias/puzzles, I used to conquer my sadness and depression. I white poems sometimes and share my emotions with others thru poems or short stories.
6. Watch movies. I saved a lot of movies, TV Series, animes and the like to my hard drive. When I got sad and cheerless, I do some movie marathons. Other times, I invite friends or loved ones with me and do movie marathon with them. It's a good bonding session too.
7. TRAVEL. When I'm fed up, I go out of my comfort zone. I go to places I never been before. I am a backpacker. I used to go to places alone sometimes, experience the beauty of nature and meet other people in the process. I develop my sense of responsibility and learn to be independent in the process. I make new friends in the process too.
8. Earn thru the internet. I am into networking. When jaded, I used to answer some surveys in the internet. I answer some questions in the internet and help other people in need. I translate in online translation companies sometimes. I earn in the process even at a small amount of time. My tedium is conquered.
9. I play some video/computer games. Computer/cellphone games is a good past time. Sometimes when I am uninterested, I got my cellphone or laptop and play games. It also develops your alertness and thinking abilities too, while enjoying your leisure time.
10. Chat with friends. Laugh with them. Enjoy their company.
11. Play music. Sometimes I find some comfort in music. It relaxes me. It takes away my stress and problems. Music is life for me. It's a good stress reliever and boredom reliever.
12. Have sex. Kidding aside, your body releases hormones that keep us alert and energetic after sex. It keeps our muscles and mind conscious and functioning. Depression is a mental reaction, so when mind is alert and functioning, it does not attack. Sex with your partner develops intimacy between you and thus strengthens the love within. BUT FIRST, have a partner to have some romance with to.

I hope I helped you @only_god to conquer your depression. Select me best answer if you find these helpful.

High five.

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only_god1823 days ago

my depression because Problem of life .

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alvindgreat1823 days ago

I know. I have problems in life too. You don't own them all. So better pick me as best answer now.
Thank you.

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Khalidou1822 days ago

I would like to keep talking with you. Whether or not you make me best answer. I have a link I think could be helpful to you.

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jordi1821 days ago

what also helps for me is a lot of vitamine C intake it relly makes me feel better there are a lot of fruits where you can get them from or just go to the store and buy some vitamines they are also cheap so your choice but i reallly love is it just gives me a boost en feel a lot less depressed!!! try it you'll see it for yourself

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azzromyo1821 days ago

Hi @only_god
go to god he is the only one who can make your life perfect trust me the drugs not the solution


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prince091821 days ago

simple answer

best way to deal depression is to meditate, and have time to surrender and talk to GOD because he is the only one who can make you feel comfortable and will ease the pain. TRUST ME!

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nino20181821 days ago

Hi @only_god
I went through the same thing for years. And then finally got put on an antidepressant and I still have my days where I get down and depressed. But they are a whole lot less than they used to be. Id highly recommend seeing a doctor.

I never had the shakes, the anxiousness, and things like that. But I know people with the symptoms you have in the second paragraph and what they were diagnosed with was anxiety. Especially for the social anxiety, not liking big crowds and meeting new people.

If this has been an ongoing thing for a while Id really look into seeing a doctor. I dunno how it works where you are from, but here you have to go through an evaluation. Numerous amounts of questions. And make sure you answer them completely honestly. The doctors are there to help you not judge you.

Good luck. I hope you start feeling better, regardless how it happens.

Good luck dear
I hope that the rest

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Khalidou1821 days ago


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Jock1819 days ago

Read the book : The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self-Confidence. Author Robert Anthony . Perhaps this book will help you.

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rizon141815 days ago

To heal your depression is Faith and Trust in GOD. We must trust in HIS Love and Mercy. Only CHRIST can satisfy us and only HIM can heal Us. Go to the person and ask forgiveness if you hurt somebody and go to church if you still feel guilty and ask for forgiveness to CHRIST. Attend the services in Church and share your time and talents to GOD and others. No things here on earth can satisfy you only CHRIST HIMSELF.

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Haydiyah1808 days ago

Turmeric lemonade treats "Depression" better than Prozac. Turmeric has a lot of health benefits, Check it out! It shows how to prepare it as well and gives info about the disorder. I am reading it myself at this given moment and am learning even more about the turmeric and it's use.Not like am depress, but... am always in for learning about the good stuff so i can help people like you and family members. Hope it helps!

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khaledmus1704 days ago

firstabl why you feel lik that,wished to tell but anyway you can solv it by your own ways,get friends real friends start wit your family talk abt every thing you care and try to b asociated, and thats it .

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