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 What is your ideal workplace? -

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Created by sunrise, 920 days ago, 1619 views

What is your ideal workplace?

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omgitshim919 days ago

Idea workplace is at home where work at own pace and the boss is me and i can't fire myself.

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azzromyo920 days ago

Hi @sunrise
my ideal working place it's one which there is a good sense of team spirit A strong work ethic is obviously important but the human side is also important. I enjoy working with people who have a decent sense of humor and who, while they might take their work very seriously, don't necessarily take themselves overly seriously! I like people who are down to earth but who have a dynamic and progressive approach to their work.
i really enjoy working as part a highly committed and professional team


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houssam_haddour920 days ago

my ideal workplace is a place where i can relax and concentrate at the same time like home if possible or a quite place in general.

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orodlram920 days ago

a beach on a tropical island with hi-speed WiFi

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nino2018920 days ago

Hi @sunrise
An ideal job for me is a job that will help me enhance my knowledge and skills. A job that will help me grow profefssionally and personally as a person. A job that will make me interested to work and give my best performance each day

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yasser18919 days ago

home alone

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FixitJorge919 days ago

My ideal work-space is someplace where i can hear the chirping of birds, or rather an office with natural Bird sounds playing.

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sam55918 days ago


The ideal workplace, is the place where you enjoy being at and you feel that you are growing in it on a daily Basis.

At the same time it is very relaxing, and every body having a good understanding of all the work that needs to be done. It is best to feel like everybody at work is doing things carrying the mentality of teamworks and they respect each other and complete the works of each others with total appreciation.

Also, a very important point, that you can have in it, a good balance of your business life and the other aspects of your life with no contradictions at all and no distractions.

It is best to feel like everybody their like friends and family.

Wish you all the Best and Good luck.

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Dougp_3102000918 days ago

My ideal workplace is when I am left alone. I am compentent and able to do work on my own.

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ZzMrXzZ918 days ago

A positive workplace with outgoing colleagues

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prince09916 days ago

an ideal workplace is not just having a good environment, good colleagues or having a good boss. but, it is about having a happy and contented self on what is your job that makes an ideal workplace. all of the environment, colleagues and boss are useless if you dont love your work at the first place.

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Bine485916 days ago

Ich arbeite am liebsten daheim.

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zrodfects914 days ago

As much as there are some amazing beaches and small islands you would love to call your own, but the best work place is at home with your wife and kids, I work from home so I know what this is like, I get to see my kids all day and everyday, I never have to leave town, if I need something they just come with...

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omarmeng911 days ago

my dream was to manage a garden or a zoo,

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