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Which is the most friendly country in the world? Reward $2
Created by bootup, 946 days ago, 1360 views

Which is the most friendly country in the world?
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Haydiyah941 days ago

What is the most friendliest country in the world? To me! it's about who you meet when you visit another country. You know the way they would talk to you, warmly welcome you to their country, some people would even take the time out just to take you around site seeing and teach you a lil history about their country to make sure you feel and get the best out of your stay so you will always feel welcome back. So to me! it's about who you meet because i don't think that's something you can predict, because you can meet good or bad people anywhere you go in the world.

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azzromyo946 days ago

Hi @bootup
NEW ZEALAND the most friendly country read more here:


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Walphai946 days ago

Ukraine Obviously

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nino2018946 days ago

10 Friendliest Countries in the World

10. Burkina Faso

9. Ireland

8. Bosnia and Herzegovina

7. Portugal

6. Senegal

5. Austria

4. Macedonia, FYR

3. Morocco

2. New Zealand

1. Iceland

the source

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houssam_haddour946 days ago

i visited morocco contless times over and over because i love how friendly peaple there can be.
it's a awesome country

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nuklin945 days ago

New Zealand is better than Iceland since both the HSBC's and the World Economic Forum Reports have New Zealand in the First place For HSBC and second place after Iceland, for The World Economic Forum Report. Its consistency has earned it the friendliest country in the world.

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ricory945 days ago

Canada & Canadians

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yasser18945 days ago

Morocco is the most friendly country in the world trust me

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Vitalykursk945 days ago

Hello, @bootup!
The most friendly country is Russia!

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sam55945 days ago


The most friendly country in the world is where you feel yourself in all aspects, and feel your best in all aspects.

It is where you feel like it is home for you where you can grow the best versions of you in all aspects and fields.

Wish you all the Best and Good Luck.

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yanka457944 days ago


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Kuromatsuo943 days ago

The USA is sadly. unless you have no morals. if your a moral less idiot then its probly sweaden and canada. if your just stupid it would be a spanish or asian country. stay informed

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marcel47942 days ago

Tunisia..if you return to arabic dictionary you'll find that even the name of tunisia is taked from the meaning of friendly and generous country..

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chakramed942 days ago

It's Morocco . the moust Safe and freindlly in the world .

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6richard9942 days ago

NOT the USA!!!!

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alvindgreat942 days ago

Hi @bootup You certainly should visit the Philippines. It is more fun in the Philippines indeed.
Try asking someone who has gone to the Philippines, and let their answers speak for itself. The people there are so trustworthy, friendly and above all, happy people and good vibes is all you've got.
Beside the many beautiful faces and places in this archipelago, Philippines is rich in healthy traditions and even foods and delicacies.
You must definitely try this one country and include it in your bucket list.

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bydoo942 days ago

Mainly concentrated in Western Europe :
Sydney, Australia;
Dublin, Ireland;
Queenstown, New Zealand
Kraków, Poland
Bruges, Belgium
Edinburgh, Scotland
Kyoto, Japan
Budapest, Hungary
Auckland, New Zealand
Reykjavik, Iceland

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