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How to hide photos in Windows? Reward $2
Created by bike, 826 days ago, 1716 views

How to hide photos in Windows?
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paulcline7825 days ago

SIMPLE!!! Use the "Folder & File Hider" in WiseCare 365 ... Can be used to hide the Picture Files and Folders. Why didn't anybody suggest this??? LOL :)

SIMPLE and FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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zrodfects826 days ago

Use this, it is great......

You install this, open it up select the folder you want to hide and it hides everything you put in that folder, add a password and your done.

This is free to use but you can pay pro to hide as many folders as you like, though with this free version you can hide the one folder and a million folders inside that so the free version is all you need...

If you look up the folder your hidding or files inside that it will not be found, unless you open the program again and enter your password. To lock it again if you open it click the box in your bottom right quick launch and select lock box and then close.

It will be under My Lock Box in your start menu....

Hope this is what you were after...

Just a note if used on your PC it is fine, but if you hide a folder on say a USB HDD or USB stick it will still hide the files, but if you plug those USB's in another PC they can be seen on that PC they will not be hidden, it is only done through your PC views, so remember that.

If you uninstall My Lock Box accidentally or for what ever reason this does not delete the hidden files, it just makes them visable again.

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DavidT826 days ago

Hi there.

If you want a safe and quick method to hide your personal stuff, this is just what you are looking for:

It''s quick and simple. Hope this answer your question ;)

Have a good day! =)

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nino2018826 days ago

hi dear

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azzromyo826 days ago

Hi @bike
the best way:
or follow these steps:


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sunrise825 days ago

I am using Wise Folder Hider

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chakramed825 days ago

hello @bike
Encrypt Files to Lock Them Away for Good

Hiding apps or password protecting them doesn't really do that much in the way of security. If you really want to secure those files, you want to encrypt them so nobody can access them without a password. This will slow down your access to those files a bit, but it's definitely the most secure method to hide them away from prying eyes. You have a ton of different options to encrypt files, but the easiest method is to create an encrypted ZIP file.

Use 7-Zip for Windows to Encrypt Files

On Windows, we're fans of 7-Zip as an archive utility and it's also an easy way to encrypt files.

Right-click on the folder or file you want to encrypt
Select 7-Zip > Add to archive...
Change the archive format to ZIP
Change the encryption method to AES-256
Enter a password and click Ok
Now, your files will be tucked away inside the password-protected archive where nobody can get to them. The ZIP file will show up in search, but its contents won't. If you want, go ahead and also hide zipped file using one of the methods above for even more security.

7-Zip isn't perfect—access to your files can be a little slow—so alternatively, you can use an encryption program. TrueCrypt is super easy, but is no longer under development, so it isn't as secure as many people would like (though it'll certainly keep the average user out of your files). BitLocker is another good choice, though you'll need Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 7 Enterprise, or Windows 8 Pro to use it.


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nino2018825 days ago

hi dear

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nihal29825 days ago

the best way is here :

And here :

i personaly use this , its free , no software to install , easy to use !

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