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Which one would you like to take for travelling, by air, train, or bus? Reward $2
Created by hellen, 974 days ago, 2331 views

Which one would you like to take for travelling, by air, train, or bus?
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olja225588974 days ago

It depends on you, but I think, that each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages and you really have to take them into consideration. Bus is the most slowest of them, but you can enjoy your trip by looking in the window and take a look at the breathtaking sceneries, mountains, unlimited and never ending fields and etc.

You can do the same by using train and they are much more faster, although they may not have railways to the destination that you desire, so i'd prefer bus to train. Buses go everywhere you can imagine.

As to planes, they are the most fastest out of these three, but i don't think that you will see such sceneries and sights like you can by bus. Yes, its awesome to see towns, cities and even countries from bird's-eye and realize that you literally pierce the clouds.

For me, planes are for those, who just want to arrive as fast as possible, without enjoying the trip, but enjoying their staying at where they fly.
Trains and buses are for those who want to have great memories from their trip and staying at where they go.

In conclusion, I'd say that for me bus is the most comfortable and the best option. I love sceneries, sights, waterfalls, forests and nature at all.

Have a great day~ ^^

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Deeirtuu974 days ago

I would ride the bus

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zrodfects974 days ago

I would prefer a plane, still one of the safest ways of travelling, you get better food than most trains, plus it plane travel feels more enjoyable and great views at times. I have been overseas to dozens of locations and I love it every time, so can not wait to go somewhere again.

:) besides buses and trains don't have a cute stewardess to serve you :P

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DavidT974 days ago


For me, plane is the best choice for now..If you compare ticket prices, even for medium distances plane is still the ebst choice in terms of cost, time save and comfortability...( and safety too, there are more car accidents than plane crashes 100: 1 :P

Maybe just Buses are cheaper but it takes 8 hours to get to a place u can reach in 2 by plane, soo yeah, i personally stick with planes ;)

Have a good day=)

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Tim321974 days ago

The choice may depend on the distance , and even the time of year .
To get to know new places , to see the nature of the country , certainly better than the bus .

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zukgod974 days ago

Depends on so many factors, if going over the ocean I would take the bus, or even a train under the sea. If going over land only then take the air travel for sure. Everyone knows a bus ride over the ocean is the best ride ever, and a train ride under the ocean allows you to see all the fish and loch ness monsters. The air ride on the other hand will allow you to see the cloud people and how they live, and maybe even the dragon from the never ending story. Okay I jest. But really we do need more info, personally I don't like flying due to all the annoying but much needed security. That said if your going long distance it's really the fastest and cheapest way to go. The bus is stinky and sometimes full of really strange people. My all time favorite is the train, you get comfortable seats and can get up and walk around, and even enjoy a soda. All that said another option is to rent a car and drive yourself, this way you get to do things on your own schedule even stopping if you see something interesting. No matter how you get there enjoy the ride, I think the trip is the best part of travel because you see so many things in a short amount of time. Have fun on your trip, hopefully your going someplace fun, and meet some nice people. Be safe.

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nino2018974 days ago

hi@hellen If you want full comfort you choose plane
But if you want to have fun in the travel you choose the train
As for the bus, he considered it a normal travel
I especially loved the train ride

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azzromyo974 days ago

Hi @hellen
if you have time you can take bus or train but if you want to urge the travel you can take the plane

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jamaicascout974 days ago

There are 3 possibility.
1 - When you go by reaching fast and easy your destination.....but you dont see much from the countryside.. and you produce
plenty CO².
2 - When you travel by bus, need more time,...but you see more from the countryside....maybe meet som intresting people have internet
/mobil access and produce less CO² as by plane.
3 - When you travel by Train.. mostly you faster as by bus, can move arround, see som of the countryside,. ...have mobile/internet
access...and produce less CO² as by plane and bus.

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OldCelticHippy974 days ago

That would depend on the distance I were to travel. If just a short distance [ <= 150Miles ], I would travel by automobile, if I have a safe auto. If >= say, 500+ Miles, I would take a Bus. Depending on the distance and geography, I prefer to go by passenger ship or other large vessel. If greater than 1000+ miles, depending on my time necessities, I would fly, if there were no ships departing in my time period.

Flying would be my last choice.
ANY other method will enable side trips, if money is available for them.

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CtheWorld974 days ago

I guess you are asking which I would chose to use to travel, such as a plane or train. If that's the question, then my question is "what location"? Places like China, Europe (most modern places) then trains for sure. You will miss most of the sites if you fly. Plus most of the trains have people who help the passengers with luggage, get food and drinks, talk to them about stops or destinations and things to see at various locations. I'm not sure what they are called (I call them wonderful) but the ones I've traveled on in Europe, those people are mostly great looking women and if they like you, they will invite you to come back to their car and party with all of them. If they really like you, well, they know where the unoccupied beds are. You fly, you miss out on that wonderful feature. I guess if you are a woman you probably aren't interested in that. But guys, you best go by train.

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maren974 days ago

First hello

Its depends from many factory.
First, do you want to travel to long distance? If is answer yes, than, there can be two warietes:

Do you wanna to fast go from point A to point B or you wanna enjoy in traveling?

Do you wanna stop on places where you want, or just on places where someone else (bus, or train) decide that you will stop there?

Well, if you just wanna fast go ( from point A to point B) than is for you aeroplan, or if you living in country where exist speed railway like in
France, Japan, etc... you can use train.

Train is very comfortable, in train you can meet new people, make new friendships, from train you can see many of these what you
can't see from plane. Did you watch movie MURDER AT ORIENT EXPRESS (with Sean O'Connery)? Try to find this movie, and watch,
this help in your decision.


(There you can see some pics and video)

(Wiki source)

One of most beautiful traveling with train!!!

Maybe you travel in short destination? In traveling to short destination, you can travel on any way, bus, car, train....

But, you did'n ask about traveling via cruiser? Its very nice traveling, I would like to travel across world via cruiser.

About traveling on cruiser look there:

Excellent movie from Roman Polanski (BITTER MOON)

So, if you wanna travel fast, sit on plane, if you wanna enjoy, sit on train.

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nuklin972 days ago

It depends on what am doing, where am going and how much time I have on my hands. If i have leverage over all, I will take the train because it has the least risk implications.

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serezha972 days ago

Hi! The best is your own car I think.

The car is, cos you can stop everywhere you want: to have a rest from the road or just get pleasure from beautiful view. The trip will be much more impressive, I know it for sure. My wife and I like travelling in that way. That's amazing!!!

And of course, if it is necessary to overcome the ocean or sea I'll choose a ship or liner. In any weather whatever they say I choose a ship!!!! Have you ever been ''transferred'' for long distance by that way? It's marvelous!

And on arrival you can rent a car and continue your journey!

Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!

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Haydiyah969 days ago

I will travel by Plane. Bus, Train, Anything! Because the experiences would be very adventurous to me.

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Haydiyah969 days ago

You've got a point there. But it would still be adventurous to me traveling by anything! But if it's somewhere you need to be there on time then i would chose the fastest way to get there.

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dricka49221968 days ago

It would depend upon how fast I needed to get to where I was travelling to. Flying if I needed to get where I was going quickly. I have almost always been on a time limit when vacationing, so I usually flew to my destination. On the ocassions when I had more time, I drove a conversion van and had a great time because I got to see a lot more things. If I had unlimited time and money, I think I would love to take a train. I could enjoy the scenery without having to do the driving. I could take my time. Get off at whatever point and explore for as long as I wanted, then board the train again and go to my next destination and etc. I think that would be the ideal relaxing vacation. But that is just my opinion for myself.

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