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Learning Hacking is legal or not? Reward $2
Created by thiyagarajan56, 736 days ago, 1389 views

Legal hacking is a cache term now a days
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chakramed736 days ago

Hi @thiyagarajan56 ,

in general there many types of hackers :

Black Hats : are the type of hacker the popular media seems to focus on. Black-hat hackers violate computer security for personal gain (such as stealing credit card numbers or harvesting personal data for sale to identity thieves) or for pure maliciousness (such as creating a botnet and using that botnet to perform DDOS attacks against websites they don’t like.)

White Hats : are the opposite of the black-hat hackers. They’re the “ethical hackers,” experts in compromising computer security systems who use their abilities for good, ethical, and legal purposes rather than bad, unethical, and criminal purposes.

Gray Hats : A gray-hat hacker falls somewhere between a black hat and a white hat. A gray hat doesn’t work for their own personal gain or to cause carnage, but they may technically commit crimes and do arguably unethical things.

so if you need to be safe go with 2nd type ( White hats as i did ).

for more information :


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azzromyo736 days ago

Hi @thiyagarajan56
to be honest it is not legal but you must learn it to prevent hackers


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crazyping12736 days ago

there is nothing agaisnt learning it, but its ilegal to use it, you are free on the net you can learn what ever you want, tho if you use it and you get caught then it could be bad :D

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Walphai736 days ago

You can't be sued for learning, but if you hack something to learn. Then you can get sued and put to jail for hacking , even though you were doing it for learning.

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Kuromatsuo736 days ago

Hacking is legal with Auth from the people your "hacking". cracking is legal Looking through these responses are cringe worthy. ok learning hacking isn NOT illegal. testing hacking is only legal when you have permission. there are sites people make specifically for hacking. in the end Hacking isnt illegal nor is it illegal to learn. it will take a VERY long time to learn, you require MANY script languages and if you cant find a few dozen ways to get into something and atleast an extra dozen ways that are not publicly known then stop now lol. hackers are born, script kiddies are made

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zrodfects735 days ago

Learning to hack or studying in someway so you know how is not illegal, same with studying drugs.... Actually using it's purpose it then becomes illegal..

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DavidT735 days ago


No , sir. There's nothing illegal with learning.

What is illegal is violating other people's privacy, I.E. hacking in many of its form...
There's nothing and noone that can tell you what you can or cannot learn, anyway.

Here u can find the basics for starters, have fun^_^
I hope that you're satisfied with my answer and i wish you a good day! =)

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nino2018735 days ago

hi dear read this
and this

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Ravindra_2735 days ago


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houssam_haddour734 days ago

learning hacking is completly legal as proof there are a lot of paid and free courses out there.

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Madroland19734 days ago


It is completly legal to learn how to Hack into computer systems. I personally use what I have learned almost every day. I use it every day to remove forgotten passwords for clients computers to data recovery.

Hope This Helps

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Ruberoid78733 days ago

Studying isn't illegal, but practicing is illegal

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FixitJorge733 days ago

Yes learning Hacking is Legal so long as you only hack your own stuff!
Of course if you hack other company websites then that won't be legal.

You can always set up your own Server and hack it for practice! :)

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maren732 days ago

LEARNING IS LEGAL, AND YOU CAN LEARN HOW MUCH YOU WANT. But PRACTICING is something different. Its illegal. Learn, but don't practice in this way to steal credit card, practice to help other people.

I have one book recommendation for you: MISHA GLENNY: "DARKMARKET" - How hackers become real mafia

Read this book, I read this in one day!!!

Just like someone say, many hackers work in police for our good, saving our privacy and much more.

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edmedlin725 days ago

Just beware! Hacking is a generic term for a lot of things. A legal hacker can be called a "Software Engineer". If you do it on your own you can be called a "felon" or a "terrorist". You can get into a lot of trouble without knowing what you are doing if you get into something accidentally, so don't go off downloading "hacks" and running them haphazardly. Learn by going to school and knowing what "black hat", "white hat" and how software safeguards work. Once you know how the software industry guards against hackers, you will know what is and is not going to get you into jail. There is a grey area that you really want to stay out of. That is where the really bad guys are, and the guys that are trying to catch them. That is where today's bad guys are working between the dark net and the general public. It is how they get to the banks and into the public domain. It is the only place they can get caught. You have to know a lot before you even think about "hacking". Learn what it is. It isn't glamourous. It can be a dark world. Learn all you can about how the legal software business works, then you will know much more about that world.

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