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What is the best way to learn pixel art and animation Reward $25
Created by zrodfects, 976 days ago, 1359 views

How is the best way to start pixel art and animation, I know obviously not start with the hardest of detail as alot of artist probably started from the Atari days and then 8 bit and 16 bit etc and improved from there, but I was just wondering hopefully from an actual pixel artist the steps you took to get where you are today..

Any links would also be much appreciated..

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azzromyo976 days ago

Hi @zrodfects
here you are:

Warm regards

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chakramed976 days ago

Hi @zrodfects ,

First i sugest you learn in levels Beginners, advanced, Expert....etc

also chek this tutorial " Pixel Art Tutorial - Animation for Beginners "


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Aravi790 days ago

Hi @zrodfects

Have you checked the name of jam3s previous question best answer winner. I think I am glad not win any points or prizes for his question. Because euask may ban the id soon and reverse all the price which happened with me 3 times before.

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