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Which language is the most difficult to learn? Reward $4
Created by colin, 1829 days ago, 2143 views

Which language is the most difficult to learn?
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ramaji131828 days ago

Learning any language depends totally upon one's capability, desire to practise and dedication. To one, it may seem easy and the same will be difficult for the other one. Also, by considering the script styles alone, we can not jump into a conclusion. When the need arises everybody is forced to learn. The initial stages of learning a language is probably difficult and after mastering we will feel easy, that's all !

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olja2255881829 days ago

Here is a lot of different languages and every one of them is difficult to learn. In my opinion, here is few languages: chinese (because you have to be really patient to sit and learn all of that symbosl and their meanings) and ukrainian, because in this language a lot of weird (for other people) sounds and few letters are hard to spell.
But anyway, learning any language requires dedication and hard work.

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azzromyo1828 days ago

Hi @colin
ARABIC the most difficult language to learn you can try

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thiyagarajan561828 days ago

1. Chinese
2. Arabic
3. Vietnamese
4. Thai
5. Icelandic
6. Albanian
7. Japanese
8. Gaelic
9. Hungarian

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wendra1828 days ago

My list: Cantonese, Mandarin, Arabic, Icelandic, Navajo, Lithuanian, Finnish, Estonian

Which are the Most Difficult Languages to Learn?
Other's lists:

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Razsaheel1828 days ago

Mandarin is a language within the Chinese language group and is actually the most spoken language in the world. It is difficult because it is pictorial in comparison to phonetic. Remembering so many character is lot more difficult. Studies in China have shown that functional literacy in written Chinese requires a knowledge of between three and four thousand characters.

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csa_k1828 days ago

It depend, what is your native language! (I'm from Hungarien)

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crazyping121828 days ago


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crazyping121828 days ago

arabic then chineese .

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sapungnua1828 days ago

Sanskrit try learning that or ancient samerian

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colin1828 days ago


Have you learned Chinese? How long will it take to learn it well?

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olja2255881828 days ago

@colin Actually i did not. I saw a lot of videos about China and Chinese language. One youtube blogger said it takes a lot of free time.
So it is only my opinion about it.

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bydoo1822 days ago

Hello,i'm Chinese.
Thank you for your attention to my native language. As a Chinese, my favorite is the ancient Chinese, especially the masterpiece of the pre-Qin and Han dynasties. At the time of the Qing dynasty ,there have had the foreign missionaries to China. One of the most famous is johann Adam, was once the teacher of the wise emperor.
When I was a child, there are many foreigners come to China for study, work, settle, and so on.
Real language environment is the key to learning a foreign language.The purpose of learning is to apply, rather than passing the exam.
At last,share with you a proverb:All difficulties on earth can be overcome if men but give their minds to it.
[Now,I am preparing the JLPT-N1 ]

If you want to learn Chinese or understand China, please leave a message, I will reply ASAP.

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ZzMrXzZ1822 days ago

Japanese dude, four alphabet and much more to learn

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prince091822 days ago

Japanese is the most difficult language to learn, because the sentence patterns are difficult to understand, the verb has conjugations in negative and postivie form, the adjectives have groups with different conjugations and more more rules to be followed when constructing a sentence, either formal or colloquial way.

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Walphai1822 days ago

I hope this helps! :D Have a good day

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ckoch1822 days ago

greek. But french is very hard as well. I think japanese would be fun learning to draw letters. Probably not but I'm an artist.

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maren1822 days ago

Serbian, seven case, two letters, try, but is not easy.

Who wanna to learn Serbian can find Charles Cather youtube canal.

Very interesting canal, American gay in Belgrade, Serbia

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bop1822 days ago

For a second language I find that English was the hardest Te Reo O te Maori Being my first

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nino20181822 days ago

Hi @colin
read this good answer

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