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If you want your children to learn a skill, what will you choose? Reward $2
Created by bluemoon, 976 days ago, 1084 views

If you want your children to learn a skill, what will you choose?
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sammiezann2016973 days ago

1. soccer
2. ballet
3. no video games just books

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Walphai975 days ago

i'd teach them chess

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olja225588975 days ago

How to be patient, friendly and how to talk with people around you.

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nino2018975 days ago

hi dear

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Niel975 days ago

computer programming (coding)
It makes you think,
you can sign them up on various websites that teach coding from as little as 3 years like

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zrodfects975 days ago

I would love my kids to learn art and to be able to draw what they see or think of, animation included... computer programming would be nice also to have the best of both worlds.

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azzromyo975 days ago

Hi @bluemoon
i want to learn my child these skills:
1-learn to swim
2-tell the truth
3-advocate for themselves

hope you like my answer

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maren975 days ago

1. Languages - man is rich how much languages he talking

2. Programming - for themsleves, for living like freelancers if fall on others filds

3. Chess, to be honest, swimming is something what all kids must learn - if someone ask me

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Alirio975 days ago

Music, besides induce your children to the school and sports, any musical instrument of their choice is a good skill to learn. It helps develop the growing brain of the kids.

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stevemit59974 days ago

The musical Keyboard because if you can play then you can play the sounds of any musical instrument, that and voice traning can get you anywhere.

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houssam_haddour973 days ago

here are the BEST skill your children should learn:
-to swim
-to shoot (bows or guns......) this skill is really essensial
-horse riding

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Madroland19973 days ago

Hello, I would like to start by saying what a great question this really is.

I personally am teaching my child several skills right now.

1. Chess - This serves a dual purpose of being something fun for us to do together as well as teaching her patience.

2. Computer Programming - This one may not be for you depending on how computer savvy you are, but there are several very good websites out there for getting children interested in Computer Sciences.

Hope this helped :)

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nuklin973 days ago

You need to investigate what they like to do which of course will form their career path and then teach them skills that will help them in their career path. If they like analytical endeavors, like reasoning deep and asking why then sudoku,chess, scrabble will help. Just align their likes with their dreams and find a related skill. Hope this helps.

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Ruberoid78972 days ago

I teach my son to be strong ))

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sam55972 days ago


It is best to let them decide and choose. There are too many factos involved.

It is best to choose something that they realy like and enjoy doing at the same time. Usually when they like what they are doing, they can improve and grow at what they are doing , and they will have a better chance of succeeding, no matter what are the circumstances around them and in their Environment or environments.

When choosing a skill that the person knows, or knows at least the basics of it, they will have good and better chance in being more specialized on what they are doing with time and they can deal with what they are doing better with time in all the aspects needed.

They need to know the basics and a good knowledge of what they are doing, and doing it in a business manner and in a safe way at the same time. They need to know the basics, the rules and the ethics of what they are doing to succeed in what they are doing. They need to learn and be able to communicate right in what they are doing with others from all walks of life, and have good understanding about what they are doing all the time, and learn how to be patient.

Of course, the age and the knowldge and their experience in doing things will play a good role in deciding what is best for them. And How much time they are willing to put on learning the skills, and how much time are they willing to work.

It is best to have a good balance, and a very relaxing way of doing things and orginizing things, to include all the important things in their lives, this is very important to have a better chance of succeeding and keep what they are doing, going well in all aspects of their lives.

I hope these points will help in the process of desciding what is best for them.

Wish you all the Best and Good luck.

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bydoo969 days ago


study abroad

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Bine485969 days ago

Selbstbewußtsein, Hilfsbereitschaft, Freundschaft

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Helmuth969 days ago

Painting,speaking,writing and playing sports.

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dricka49221969 days ago

I would want them to learn whatever skill they wanted to learn and would make them the most happy. I was no push over as a parent. I made them tow the line and walk the straight and narrow. But we had lots of fun doing all kinds of things as a reward. They were encouraged to be individuals, but that there were rules and guidelines, just as there are laws that govern us, that they needed to follow.

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