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What's your feeling when turning 30? Reward $5
Created by sunrise, 1621 days ago, 2593 views

What's your feeling when turning 30?
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zukgod1620 days ago

I just turned 40, and my 30s went by in a blink. Turning 30 was fine I had no thoughts on aging at all, but in my mid 30s I became ill with a chronic pain disease that I now live with everyday of my life. If I could give any advice would be to live everyday to the fullest, and go to bed dead tired, because you just don't know when one day everything will change and you won't be able to do the things you used to love. Take care.

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DavidT1621 days ago


And nice question...i'm 28 but it's like the same...
I feel a little concerned because i know i could do more things in my 20's, but then i realize that i'm still young AF and so i move on about that :P
I feel more like i want to have a family.. But at same time there's still a lot of life to live and so..I'll look for a girl that will be really worth to live for.

Also, i don't know why people feels old at this age...I feel like a 19 y old kid, at leasrt, dunno about others XD
So..not bad after all :P

Have a good day sweety =)

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csa_k1621 days ago

I had a real feeling dizzy, and I thought that was funny! :D

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chakramed1621 days ago

Hi @sunrise ,

im in 27th . well i feel like there is some thing i souldnt do but i did it and other thing i want to do but i didnt . i feel like im not satesful on my 27 years past but i cant repaire them now i have to keep going and live with the last years left for me with much hope nad power.


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nino20181621 days ago

It was my happiest time.
I was filled with teen angst and directionless rage.
Then I replaced that with vague fear and anxiety about losing my youth.
I was chasing shadows at 25
When I reached thirty I no longer felt the pressure to try.
I could relax and enjoy myself.
I knew enough to spot a phoney and piffle
But not so old I wouldn't take a risk
Old enough to repay. young enough to sell.
I think it is when you get an idea of who you really are and your body hasn't started falling apart.
I think this is the time when you are clearest about your aims.
I was possibly a little to drunk in my teens, then crushed with finances, by 30 I had a grip on things.
I think it is the best time of your life

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Walphai1621 days ago

imma answer you .. when i turn 30

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azzromyo1620 days ago

Hi @sunrise
when i turned 30 , on some level i felt i was done with all that serious excavation of my psych ready to just relax i got married and became much more established in my career


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nuklin1619 days ago

I thought I would have been there but am still here. Am still not thinking of marriage because I'm not ready with acquiring my basics besides, I'm yet to find her. My job is still not what I want but I think I should start doing something. In the end I'm kind of confused, I just keep living my life and hoping It will come naturally and everything will align at the right time.

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OGkicks1619 days ago

Hi Sunrise my feeling would be old im only 27 but i feel old now so 30 woah old but great question It shows a man is at his best at 20 with all the testosterone but also you lose alot over the years so youre pretty drained at 30 but my feeling would be old.

Have a Wonderful Day

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sab29251619 days ago

When growing up I use to think 30 was real old and then i got to 40,50 and now i am 65, To me 30 seems real young now.

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FixitJorge1618 days ago

technically you don't know if half your life has past because you can leave this earth at anytime.

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FixitJorge1618 days ago

i'm 29 and i feel great! i can jump and don't feel any different than when i was 20. I believe It's all about keeping a positive mind, maintaining a healthy diet, and having a close relationship with God. Do this and you will feel just like 20 even when you're in your 30's. oh! and God's Pharmacy helps a lot :)

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maren1615 days ago

When I turned 30 I first time feel fear from ages. I think that I became old.
But I married in this time and now I'm proud father of two sons.
And feel young as before. Time like stopped for me, and I don't feel fear from ages.

How much I'm old now? To much, but its not subject... 30 is pluperfect.

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ZezuZaza1615 days ago

i felt relaxing

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Nur_iffah1614 days ago

Simple answer..i feel so old..

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