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Which is better a pc or an apple computer ? Reward $2
Created by sab2925, 643 days ago, 721 views

Since i have had problems with window 10 crashing alot on my pc i am thinking about getting an Appel laptop, Can anyone tell me there opinion on this ? Thanks
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joeltruck643 days ago

I just did a free upgrade from win 7 to win 10 from Microsoft. I had problems with the 10 and went to Microsoft Support to have them roll it back to 7. If this is how you got 10 , free upgrade, you can call them @ 1800 642 7676. They will fix it free of charge. I spoke to one person, Teck support, not Microsoft but 3rd party, that mostlikly just wanted money, that said win 10 has a lot of vulnerabilities a it has been hacked into to steal your info. I don't know if that is true but when they rolled me back to win 7 after about a day I had problems opening a couple of programs. I spent about 2 days trying to fix it and probably made it worse. anyway today I called Microsoft. and one lady spent about 2-3 hrs on the phone with me and a remote and got it straightened out. Everything works so far and it is a lot faster. If you get an apple, and haven't used one before, it is a different operating sys, which you will have to learn. I have an apple laptop which I got about 6 mos ago and am trying to learn this shit all over again. I am not of the computer generation, which makes this shit about 10 times as hard to learn. Give Microsoft support a call, they can find out what is going on with you unit and fix it. Microsoft has a tech support program, that they will charge you $99. to fix your computer, and you can opt for service for $149. for the year. defiantly worth it. For $149. every time something goes wrong with your computer, just call them and they straighten it out. I think the stuff for win 10 is free . I noticed that it seems as though micro with win 10 is trying to create a system similar to apple, at least it appeared that way to me. If you get an apple, they don't charge for upgrades, so every tweak or update they come up with, it's downloaded into your unit. And, apple are not supposed to have problems with virus's and the other crap that the windows system is afflicted with because some genius can't think of anything better to use their brain for than screwing up as many computers as possible. Call Microsoft, let them fix your computer, If you buy an apple, you will want to have something to use while you are learning a completely different system. You can get an iPad for a lot less than a laptop or desktop, and learn the system on that. Keep the $2., I'm glad I could help, If I did.

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Kuromatsuo643 days ago

Just get a windows 7 laptop. apple is expensive junk. mac runs on linux so if you dont know desent python this its not good for you. alot of mistakes people made. anything past windows 7 is bad and will be buggy, crash alot. i rec a cheep windows 7 pro laptop for about a hundred bucks

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MakesSense643 days ago

ibm mainframes are best

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Kuromatsuo643 days ago

PC is the best but only w7 and before. apple became crap after the first product. low quality at high price

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azzromyo643 days ago

Hi @sab2925
make your choice after you read this dear:


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zrodfects643 days ago

PC is better, yeah it is slightly buggy, but I think it's a much better overall system....

This under windows 7 crap ignore it.... Microsoft has stopped support for windows Vista so Windows 7 is next, we are already windows 10 so skip 8 since it was one of the worse OS but Windows 10 is by far better....

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Walphai643 days ago

Despite the high price Mac laptops have pretty decent hardware, but if you plan on playing any games on them, you will be disappointed.
PC Laptops though don't have impressive hardware quality, you have to look through the different brands to find the best ones in quality so that they hold up atleast a few years, i suggest you avoid HP and LENOVO ,they're pretty shitty in terms of the quality of the hardware. With that being said, PC laptops are quite cheap, and you can play games on them and are much cheaper to fix when they brake.
So yea , to sum it up, buy a MAC if you want it for work only, Buy a PC if you want practicality

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hijosdelinternetpuntocom643 days ago

You should triple boot which supercedes your initial question.

mac for video or personal stuff like files and surfing it's pretty great! Use final cut pro

window for certain java (java can also be kinda crazy) or certain sites or even some programs that use video. Such as skype, google hang outs--- the paint program is good to use. There is one thing I could say about windows -it's security system is less than others-- I highly recommend windows 10 because of the direct dism feature which restore the computer health from the dead. -click on gif image for coolness- :)

and linux when you get tired of both windows and mac and want to work on a straight project like emailing to your customers

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tiffanykart14 days ago

I think its depend on your budget !
But i ll prefer Apple computers because it is best in every way

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