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IMac is uncharted territory for me, Is upgrading the Ram or adding more memory in an IMac the same as upgrading it on a windows machine? Reward $3
Created by Zemeto, 1831 days ago, 2431 views

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ckoch1831 days ago

you must provide the year and size of your imac and the model as upgrading is different in each and there is imac where the ram is soldered in and none can be added so please provide thanks then someone can help you, its just that with imacs they are produced differently most times where ram with pc's its pretty much standard as far as the procedure. I can tell you that in some imac models its a pain in the bumb to get to the open slots. I kmow its expensive to buy an imac but if you can afford it get a good one with the ram already upgraded or stick with pc's that part is my humble opinion because macs are nice and last a long time, unless you are techy. Newer models may be better but even in 2015 you will find this.

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totonaet1831 days ago

Please Search for your IMac Model on somewhere place or sticker in it. and tell us.

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ha141831 days ago

you can increase ram, but it depends on your mac so check here how much you can have of ram
iMac: Memory specifications and upgrades

How to install extra RAM in a Mac: Boost your iMac, Mac Mini, or MacBook performance with more memory

How and when to upgrade your Mac's RAM

see if crucial online scan can work on mas also
it can give you some details.

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aidenstone1831 days ago

Yes actually it's very much like a Windows machine. Go to your manufacturers we bsite, go to their Drivers and Support page, and rhere you will enter the details of your specific machine. After that, you can either get step by step instructions fot the procedure or conversely you can chat with a live technical support person who will be happy to assist you.

Good luck with your operation!

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Nelafr1831 days ago

very good y u want to upgrade that's configurations all ready good so if u want better for this machine buy new one or exchange it

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IAmNotARobot1831 days ago

Upgrading your RAM isn't as great of an upgrade as it used to be. RAM used to be expensive and as the amount of data needed for the working memory of modern applications increased, RAM requirements kept getting higher. Windows XP needed only 64 GB ram as a minimum, but when Vista came out the minimum was a whopping 2GB!

Nowadays, it is still common to see laptops sold with only 4GB RAM, which is usually enough to do some light multitasking without any slowdown.

Ram modules are no different for Macs than they are for pcs. But RAM is not the biggest thing slowing people down these days. The culprit is usually that noisy old conventional hard drive. The best upgrade anyone could do for almost any computer now is to upgrade to a solid state drive. It will probably blow your mind, and your computer will feel brand spanking new.

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Whiterabbit011831 days ago

Apart from the operating system, every component in an iMac is basically the same as a Windows machine apart from the packaging, except you pay almost twice as much for the components. Yes, Macs look gorgeous, but personally I wouldn't touch a Mac with a barge pole as you are getting ripped off big time. Not only that, there is significantly fewer applications and games available for Macs compared to Window PC's. I am a gamer, with over ten thousand games in my library. Many of those games would not play on a Mac computer, I prefer my games to a pretty looking operating system. As for upgrading, Macs have been designed in such a way that upgrading is virtually impossible (though not entirely) or very expensive to upgrade, so if you want more hard drive space, or more RAM you basically have to buy a new machine which again costs a lot more than a new PC machine (which have always been inherently upgradable).

There are only two things that I like about Macs, they do look very nice and at this time, there is still less chance of getting malware from the net, but that is only because there are it's not worth the effort at this time for hackers to propagate malware onto Macs as they only account for a tiny percentage of the PC market.

Regarding your question, upgrading Macs is usually a no-no as they are not designed for upgrading. Instead you usually have to buy a newer model that is usually only slightly different to the previous model. If all you want is the latest tech and design features and you have the money to throw away, then a Mac is great, but if you want to get good value for money out of your PC (Macs are also PC's) then a windows based system is much better and much easier to upgrade to keep abreast of the latest tech. Also there is a vastly greater number of choices with respect to case design, components, monitors etc. You can't beat a decent PC monitor such as a BenQ for quality, functionality and design compared to a Mac monitor.

Good luck with your Mac.

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MakesSense1829 days ago

yes or no depending

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Kuromatsuo1829 days ago

Dont get an apple laptop. #ExpensiveJunk. it runs on linux but its like a shit version of what linux could be, it is popular because alot of people dont have good quality standards anymore

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