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How old were you when you got your first dog? What breed? Reward $5
Created by Frach, 980 days ago, 1752 views

I was 7 years and had a German shepherd
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azzromyo980 days ago

Hi @Frach
i was 8 years old when my father gave me a dog BEAGLE called chalk this is when i got a good marks in the study after it was opposed to the idea because i let the dog sleep with me in the bed
the dog was like this:
thank you you came back to me memories that can not be forgotten


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Vitalykursk980 days ago

I was 7 and I was in school. My dog was called "friend." It was the usual breed pooch. as a child I also wanted a big dog - a German shepherd.
Now I love the breed of dog - Husky

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Aguru980 days ago

I still don't have a dog, but I want to. I adore beagles!

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Beastly980 days ago

I was about 5 and we got a Pyrenees mountain dog. (should I just say a small donkey)

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acucen980 days ago

I was about 12. We found a dog during our vacation. It was shetland sheepdog.

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olja225588980 days ago

I was 17, it is labrador
Now it is almost 2 years old. :3

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Bine485980 days ago

Ich hatte erst 3 Jahre eine Draußen-Katze, dann 13 Jahre eine Drinnen-Haus-Katze und dann mit meinem Freund 3 Jahre einen schwarzen Schäferhund und als der starb, jetzt schon 1 Jahr einen schwarzen Labrador-Mischling und erst vor kurzem ein ausgesetztes Kätzchen dazu, was dann leider starb. Und dann hab ich noch unsere Goldfische zum Überwintern daheim und im anderen Becken goldene Platies, Neons und Wasserschnecken.

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mdaffronte979 days ago

I was one and my mother got me a mixed breed mongrel and he protected me with his life. I was 7 when he got the mange and had to be put down I can remember him howling in the SPCA van as they took him away. I did love that dog BUTCH.

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nino2018979 days ago

12 years and older
Because this age begins teen

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FixitJorge979 days ago

i was 12 years old and our dog was a mix breed with Border Collie and Black Lab.

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imelvinraj5978 days ago

I was 7 years old, i bought chihuahua

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123345977 days ago

I was 9 when I got my first dog She is a maltipoo

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