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How to make yourself dream less while sleeping? 5
Created by BTW, 1417 days ago, 1698 views

How to make yourself dream less while sleeping?
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yemilinks1416 days ago

1.) Get a good dose of sunlight during the day, don't know why but it makes you sleepy.

2.) Spend the energy you consume in food, in a way that is natural for you - not forced like going to the gym. You gotta be brave, and sort of act like a kid again for at least a few hours a day. Be your real self. Dance or roll around on the floor, do something silly, whatever, as long as its natural for you and spends your energy, don't do it a few hours before bed or you'll wind yourself up.

3) Sleep in abject darkness. Darkness is an auto-signal to your brain that it is night and time to sleep. Its a non-nocturnal mammal thing, you are playing off your natural instincts. Same with lighting, try not to have bright artificial lights on an hour or two before bed, instead keep a low light.

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azzromyo1416 days ago

here are some suggest ;

hope this helps

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DavidT1416 days ago


Here's the trick, You need to be mentally tired a lot.
So stay up late or just smoke weed, Lol. Then you wont dream much anymore.

Good day to you =)

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Bine4851416 days ago

eigentlich hab ich nie darüber nachgedacht, weniger zu träumen sondern ehr, was ich träume - ich habe sogar angefangen, meine Träume aufzuschreiben in meinem Blog und sie zu analysieren.

Aber Deine Frage ist ein interessanter Ansatz zum nachdenken.

LG Bine

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olja2255881416 days ago

It doesn't depends from you.
Read here about stages of sleeping.
Probably you dreaming because you are on the 4th stage of sleeping.

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Walphai1411 days ago

wake up every 40 mins or so
Usually the REM sleep (dreams) happens around the 45 min mark, so all you have to do is brake your sleep, wake up for 10 mins of so , then go back to sleep another 40 mins and you won't dream.
Please Note that REM sleep is a crucial part of sleep, and you'ill be forgetting a lot once you stop dreaming or try to dream less. Most of your memories are stuck to your brain in REM sleep (the dream phase of sleep).

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Mirella1411 days ago

Before you will go to bed, spend some time on meditating. This includes relaxing music, nice smell of a lighted candle and of course full rest of your body and mind. In that way, you will clear your bad thoughts before sleep and open your mind for good ones. In addition, try to eat something fresh like a salad, plenty of fruits through the day so that your body could be detoxicated. Last but not least, it may sound strange but drinking water also affects your dream. The recommended amount of water to drink daily is determined by your body weight (if you weigh 65kg or more you have to drink minimum 2 liters). Good luck ! :))

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nuklin1409 days ago

Do some exercise, have a refreshing bath, eat satisfactorily, good food or healthy beverages and thank the LORD for the day. You'd definitely have a sound sleep.

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