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Which type of art make you relax? 5
Created by shashirath, 982 days ago, 1193 views

Relaxing you mind by art
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yemilinks982 days ago

Designs on walls of the house

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azzromyo982 days ago

Hi @shashirath
design in walls


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Bine485982 days ago

Ist schon ulkig : ich hätte die Frage einfach übersetzt : was tust Du zum relaxen ?
Aber der google-Übersetzer muß es natürlich wieder total komplizieren : Welche Art von Kunst erholen Sie sich?

Also ich esse heute z.B. Mc Donalds und gehe in den Zoo - wird bestimmt ein ganz relaxer Tag.
LG Bine

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Rbs981 days ago

It depends the kind of resources of arts are available to you at the given moment.. My preference is listening to music, its very relaxing, the kind of music always depends on the kind of mood I am in.

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marcel47981 days ago

for me it's writing

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pubbys981 days ago

I am a composer, and as such appreciate your question. I always have a tune going through my head, and so can relax whenever. I recommend that you listen to music without lyrics, as lyrics are by their nature mood altering. Abrasive sounds are used by composers to raise tension. An example is the song which includes the lyrics "the kind of music that soothes the soul". Fluid sounds can be very moving, such as the opening of David Maslanka's 8th Symphony. (Yes, symphonic works can be very relaxing and moving). Songs that tell a story can also be uplifting. For examples listen to the music of Alison Krauss. Also if you want to get a powerful jab, try the first movement of Paul Hindemith's Symphony in Bb (this is a tough listen, so approach it with a pillar of salt!). Finally, explore the music of your favorite writer or group. They are your favorites because their music and hopefully their message resonates with you on a deeper level.

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