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What are you saving your money for? Reward $2
Created by finefin, 1017 days ago, 1393 views

What are you saving your money for?
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maren1016 days ago

Just save money, you never know how much money you need. Maybe you need just a little money, maybe you need a lot of money.
Because - save money!

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shashirath1017 days ago

for old days

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Rbs1017 days ago

I usually save money for something I would like to buy but cant afford it.. so saving money helps me to have the required amount to buy the things I desire

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azzromyo1017 days ago

Hi @finefin
i save money for these reasons;

1-buy home
2-buy car
3-get out of doubt
5-you could lose your job or get hurt
6-to get good life


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nihal291017 days ago

i save money for things that cannt afford but can buy those next year by saving money this time.
i save money for my hearty desires . this time for a gaming pc !

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marcel471017 days ago

hhhhhhhh...I don't have money to save it

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olja2255881016 days ago

To buy ticket to my boyfriend, because he lives in another country. <3

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Rchd1971015 days ago

i'm saving money for my future and for help people

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Haydiyah1010 days ago

Why save money? Why not? Sure money was made for spending. But because they're important things in life you may have to think about like family. You don't wanna live in your parents house with your entire family for your whole life do you? Or what about if there comes an emergency of a loved one and you can help just because you saved that money for it to be used to save a life? Money is to be spend "agree" but it's also good to save, because in the later run something might come up and that money just might come in handy at the right timing. Why? Because you were wise to save at least something for a rainy day.

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Kuromatsuo1009 days ago

The barakalypse. if your not then your stupid as hell and will die

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