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How much time do you spend online per day? Reward $2
Created by claire, 926 days ago, 1999 views

How much time do you spend online per day?

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houssam_haddour918 days ago

honestly i spend a lot of time online ,and by a lot of time i mean at least 7hours ,but to tell the truth i don`t like the way things are because there are a lot of other importing things to do henceforth i realy REALY like to spend more time with friend ,family ,and other things.
so if you want my opinion it's better to try minimizing the time you spend online each day.

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Bine485926 days ago

das ist ganz unterschiedlich - manchmal 24h (nicht unbedingt online, auch spielend oder TV o.ä.) und manchmal gar nicht, wenn man anderes zu tun hat wie Garten oder Termine. Ich versuche aber wenigstens jeden Tag einmal meine Mails zu checken. (nicht über Handy, denn das kann noch nicht online, sondern über Laptop). Eigentlich bin ich Webdesigner und somit immer mit dem Internet verbunden - aber in letzter Zeit wird der Job immer sinnloser - jeder kann heutzutage Webseiten erstellen oder pflegen und so werden meine Aufträge immer weniger.
Ich fing nach der Wende an und damals war dies noch eine Marktlücke und ich machte mein Hobby zum Beruf und heutzutage verdiene ich damit nichts mehr und mache meist nur noch private Sachen.

Wenn ihr mal Hilfe braucht - postet es hier und ich antworte.
LG Bine

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omarwa79926 days ago

for me 15H a day from 9 am to 11 pm .

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FixitJorge926 days ago

to be honest i spend too much of my time online and i think it has resulted in my myopia (Nearsightedness) lol. i spend around 9 - 10 hours a day behind the screen.

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azzromyo925 days ago

Hi @claire
i spent 6 hours a day cuz my job


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nihal29925 days ago

i spend hardly 2 hours on screen because i am student and like to be on books , but love internet surfing , i control my desires.

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only_god925 days ago

Most in INTERNET online.for
earn bitcoin money.
Internet much using very bad.
life without Internet.

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LukaK923 days ago

Too much! ;)

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shashirath922 days ago


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CoolCat922 days ago

Every day, because of my job.
But I like to read articles, news, books, find some interesting sites. So I can spend even more than 12 hours per day on it.

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nino2018922 days ago

Vary from one day to another
2 hours to the maximum 5 hours per day

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ZzMrXzZ922 days ago

almost 20/24. I am an online marketer

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asrul3148922 days ago

usually 2 - 4 hours .

4-6 hour during weeked

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zrodfects920 days ago

I would have to say 24/7 pretty much, I work from home and with a million projects, from freelancing graphic designs to logos and kids puzzle magazines and promoting peoples business, this is world wide so you can imagine how busy I am each day, plus I work for Apple to help promote their apps so for every app sold I get a percentage, so another thing I deal with day in and day out 7 days a week, I am home everyday with my kids so it's a dream for me, plus we get to play games before they are release.

Plus as a hardcore gamer and collector of over 50 gaming consoles including handheld from retro to current, gaming is always happening at some point...

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Walphai920 days ago

69 hours a day

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tppackage1920 days ago

I spend about 6-8 hours per day online i do quite a bit of research.

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bgpsq918 days ago

AM10TO PM22 !

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nuklin918 days ago

The length of time one spends on the internet on a day depends on how much time they're not active doing other things and how much of their interest is captured by what they do on the internet. The truth is- don't waste a second after you get exhausted either fatigue or disaffection.

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serezha917 days ago

Something about 3 hours!!!

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finefin914 days ago

Almost all the day, because I work before the computer.

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Silver347910 days ago

I spend 6h

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usaonlinejobs790 days ago

Working online for hours is not important completing given task on certain period is the best way to earn money onlineearn money online

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