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Have you tried new browser Vivaldi‬‬? 10
Created by nanna, 713 days ago, 2914 views

What do you think about it?

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azzromyo713 days ago

Hi @nanna
the browser vivaldi is a new desktop browser for power users people who like to customize their browsers to the greatest extent, who value the longest list of features. It’s from Vivaldi Technologies, a company headed by Jon von Tetzchner, the ex-CEO of Opera, a browser which appeals to a similar audience.
I’ve been testing Vivaldi, which runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux, and I was impressed by the variety of ways it allows users to tweak their browsing experience. Some of these, like a note-taking panel and a quick way to group similar open tabs, struck me as potentially quite useful
hope my reply answer to your question

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LukaK713 days ago

Well, I willl stay at Firefox. I'm kind of used to it :)

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FixitJorge713 days ago

Vivaldi is based on Google’s open source version of Chrome, called Chromium, and isn't any faster than Chrome, just very different. Like Chrome, it can gain power from extensions. But its aim is to offer so many features you won’t need extensions.

one example is that it offers tab stack tiling which allows you to display your tabs in small windows within Vivaldi. this allows you to view multiple opened tabs simultaneously. It can be very handy to have two or three web pages side by side for comparison purposes. but it doesn't stop there Vivaldi say's that there are more than one million different ways to customize Vivaldi to be unique to your own needs.

Vivaldi can also display an extra web page in the left side panel of the browser, a cool feature that is designed for sites like Twitter where it becomes handy to keep a column of tweets viewable while browsing the web.

Without a doubt it's a browser intended for power users and it's not trying to appeal to the less technical users. Personally i find Vivaldi to be a useful browser but that may be because i'm a geek who does geeky things and i occasionally find myself taking the unconventional geeky route to accomplish what i need done. if you've exhausted all efforts trying to accomplish your own task with your typical run
of the mill browser then yes! i would certainly give the Vivaldi Browser a try. It's so feature packed that There may be a feature in it that you can't get from any other browser.

A List of other features found in Vivaldi browser:

Chromeless UI
Tabs visual navigation
Private window
Page loading progress indicator
Typed history list
Smooth scrolling
Geolocation support
HTML5 h.264 support
Full Extensions support

Also note:
If you’re using Chrome, it’s an easy switch over because the extensions are all here.

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nihal29712 days ago

hey if you use it , how it is ?. i will try it

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