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Do you Love Counter Strike ? Reward $2
Created by hak1wr, 1789 days ago, 2453 views

Do You love Cstrike
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zch0981788 days ago

Yes I love it especially when I am playing with my colleagues and killing each other. It boosts my confidence to slash my opponents.

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ckoch1789 days ago

looks really fun

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Zufcena1789 days ago

Yes, but only short time. It isnt fun for long time

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azzromyo1789 days ago

hi @hak1wr
yes me and my brother are addicted to counter strike


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nihal291789 days ago

yes I love counterstrike

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walidg1785 days ago

Absolutely love it specialement cs 1.6 it good ,I find CS 1.6 to be the most addictive in all conter strike, but the technical limitations are maddening by today's standards. For example, the detection of whether a player has been hit on 1.6 is just not accurate and it's frustrating. Yet that may be one of the reasons why 1.6 is so addictive. I love maps and colour correction, etc in cs 1.6

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SetupComputer1785 days ago


MUST PLAY WITH FRIENDS to be very enjoyable.

I play with my workmates at night after work whenever we are assigned on fieldwork.


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Nelafr1784 days ago


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DavidT1784 days ago


Personally, i play CS GO and i love it. It said it's the hardest fps you can play and that's one more reason.

Also the skins thing, you live with the hope of that you will get a cool knife someday, (i'd prolly sell it if it's worth more than 500$) :D

I'm global elite rank there, let's play a game together if u want ;)

Good day to you

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Aguru1777 days ago

Yes, I do like. And Half-Life too, it is a classic of online shooters.

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nino20181777 days ago

Yes, I love it for a long time

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BQB1775 days ago

I haven't played CS before, but I've watched a bit of it. I personally like COD more, but it seems to be going downhill. I may switch to CS:GO if COD 2016 isn't good. It's all personal preference though, so try both if you can't decide ;)

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Jock1773 days ago

No way man

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Silver3471772 days ago

Counter-Strike is one of those good FPS shooters but its good a little bit and there are not really many people playing Counter-Strike these days they are playing like GTA V,Uberstrike,Fallout series,Metal Gear series,James Bond,Hitman,Flash web browser games etc.

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hak1wr1772 days ago

I play Counter-Strike since I was 8 years old .
Play it for hours a day with my friends I do not feel bored them
It's a great game

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hak1wr1772 days ago

@Silver347 You are not mistaken or perhaps
Because the game Counter-Strike is a very famous dominant play them or b
They know a game Scalable
The difference between them and the GTA it needs time to learn any Imkkhank not to win against your enemy to yet Number of months of training, and this is what less attention from the game and resort to GTA.

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HunterTram1765 days ago

UTB certainly game - all ages and all nations of the earth !!))

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Misha13579001743 days ago

Of course i like counter-strike its very cool game

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ruvido1718 days ago

no i love red alert I II III & IV sorry

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