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How to improve your handwriting? Reward $2
Created by ross, 1663 days ago, 1430 views

How to improve your handwriting? Do you want to improve it?
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maren1660 days ago

Writing is answer. Write so much as you can.
And write in just your style, just your way, with only your fonts, be creative.
When someone see your text, they must recognize that is your text.
Your handwriting must be your trade mark, your impress!

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azzromyo1663 days ago

Hi @ross
very good article about this :

and amazing video:

and :


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rock0011663 days ago

my handwriting is very good. but always want to improve.

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Razsaheel1662 days ago

Well anybody would be happy with legible hand. In English most simple and common practice to improve handwriting is using contrast. Which means making small character smaller and larger more large along with this increasing the distance between the characters. Anybody can make a try.

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ZzMrXzZ1662 days ago

Yes, because handwriting identifies your characteristic.

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izzy7501661 days ago

Find your style and technique thats natural to you and practice.

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amarpage1661 days ago

1. First of all stick to your natural style

2. Find similarities to your letters in other person's and check how you can improve it

3. Write a lot and read a lot.

4. Be creative- writing is an art; so do experiments on your style

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Dipto1661 days ago

1) At first choose a good looking font (Arial , Bookman Old Style , Comic SANS........etc.)
2) Print "The quick brown fox jumps over a lazy dog" using selected font on paper. Because this sentence contains all 26 letters.
3) Adjust the font size as your choice. 13-15 would be good. Print on every line of page.
4) Start writing on that print. Practice and your handwriting will surely improve.

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FixitJorge1661 days ago

Hi, i wouldn't worry much on this. If i'm able to read my own handwriting then that's all that really matters to me. unless your job requires you to write a lot and for others to see it. in that case i would practice practice practice! because improvement comes through repetition.

No i don't want to improve my hand writing for 2 reasons.
1. i hardly ever write because most of my writing is done on the computer.
2. in my opinion my writing is good enough to understand and if it's readable it's good enough for me.

Thank you

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Bine4851660 days ago

Leider stimmt es, daß wir immer weniger handschriftlich erledigen im Computerschreibalter und so verlernt man es regelrecht - die Handschrift wird immer krikkeliger und unschöner und wenn man noch nicht wach ist, fällt es einem regelrecht schwer, ein paar Worte zu schreiben und sie werden unleserlich.
Ich weis nur eines was hilft : öfter wieder handschriftlich statt mit Tastatur zu schreiben !
LG Bine

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Haydiyah1653 days ago

Hand writing is important. It's a trade mark of you, your signature. It's a way of identifying that specific person just by looking at their hand writing. Keep at it am sure you will improve!

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