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Problem connecting Cortana to the Internet Reward $5
Created by Ruben, 1790 days ago, 8108 views

Problem in Cortana ..

I have 35+ years as a senior systems analyst.. I have researched this problem for many hours.
There is no simple answer..
I cannot get Cortana to see the internet access..
Win 10/64 Intel Core 2, 4 meg of RAM, plenty of disk space.. no viruses.
Things I tried ..

1. New user profile ..
2. Local and MS User..updates
3 Latest updates ..
5. DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth
6. It never worked so recovery to a past date won't help
7. Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml"} .. gets an error trying to run..
8. I checked the Cortana settings.. set to Language English .. turned on all requirements
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azzromyo1790 days ago

Hi @Ruben
i had same problem with you until do some which helped me rebooting my home network system: the cable modem and wifi router i did this earlier to help some users and this work , but now cortana hooks up without any problem

or you can visit this link:

looking forward to hearing news from you soon

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Ruben1790 days ago

Thanks for the response.. I had tried that and it did not help.

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azzromyo1790 days ago

Hi @Ruben
i found this link i think it will help :


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azzromyo1790 days ago

remove pin and logged in using microsoft account and also check if trouble maker is connect through microsoft account and if you have logged on your computer via local one you have disconnect from cortana servers

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kennepopo1790 days ago

I had this problem also, install new Microsoft office 2016 it will fix any problem you are having with Cortana

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nihal291790 days ago

Cortana and the internet would start "talking" again by closing her process (SearchUI.exe). After a moment, the process will restart and she should be fine...
login with microsoft account

if above not work then go here :

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Ruben1787 days ago

None of the solutions have helped.. And I do not have MS Office 2016.. and don't want it. SearchUI did not help.. kickiteasy no help.. thanks for trying.

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ha141787 days ago

Set Internet Explorer as default browser

see if you can launch windows store correctly, if it asks you to configure then do so and then launch Cortana
Run the troubleshooter for Windows apps

Run Internet Connection Troubleshooter
Press Windows key + R
2.Type Control
3.Click on Troubleshooting
4.Click on Connect to the internet
5.Click on Next and follow the On-screen instructions

Disable Proxy
Follow the steps below to disable proxy:
1.Press “Windows Key” + “R”.
2.Type “inetcpl.cpl”.
3.Go to Connection.
4.Click on LAN Settings.
5.Check the box which says Automatically detect settings.
6.Uncheck the box under Proxy server.

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Ruben1786 days ago

Sorry HA14 .. done before no help.

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ha141785 days ago

If nothing works then try to reset windows 10

Maybe prior that you want to try

Windows Repair (All In One)
do a restore point and if you can backup windows

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Ruben1780 days ago

I have tried all except reset.. I am not willing to lose my apps.. to many apps to lose.. that is not a solution. I thank you all for the ideas. Many people are having this problem.. Microsoft can really suck sometimes.

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ha141780 days ago

@Ruben Reset Internet Explorer settings

maybe you need to make exception rule for cortana in your antimalware/firewall???

Disable and re-enable cortana few times.

Tech Q&A: Windows 10 flaw tries to charge for free apps

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bziemek1780 days ago

I'm not certain which libraries Cortana depends on, but is it possible that Microsoft Edge and/or IE 11 are not installed or simply broken?

Edge can be reinstalled by running the following PowerShell command as Administrator. If it is missing entirely, it may be available in the Windows Store.

Get-AppXPackage -AllUsers -Name Microsoft.MicrosoftEdge | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml" -verbose}

IE 11 can be removed and reinstalled via. the "Turn Windows features on or off" section of the "Programs and Features" Control Panel item.

Good luck.

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Ravindra_21780 days ago

Use microsoft account login to use cortana it will proper work after login microsoft account. If not working reinstall windows then login with microsoft account.

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Ruben1780 days ago

I have tried as Pin as MS account and local.. no good.. I will NOT reinstall to fix cortana.. to many apps to lose... the problem is that it will not see WIFI... I do not want to use a cable to use my laptop... th problem is not with Internet browsers,,

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azzromyo1780 days ago

Hi @Ruben
there are some answers hope this helps:


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ha141780 days ago


if you want to use wifi
1) change chanel
2) remove password, encryption

Cortana WiFi fix !

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nino20181780 days ago

Hi @Ruben
good answers

and good answers

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zrodfects1780 days ago

Ok, I am just throwing this out there, but double check to see if it is available in your region first, Cortana is not quite world wide yet, over time it will be but at this stage only a handful of countries are able to use Cortana.
Hope this helps....

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zachary1777 days ago

i love it to good your the best

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Ruben1774 days ago

I have looked at each answer .. looked at URL's offered.. everything has failed .. I will not reinstall the OS.. too many apps would be lost. Do not offer it as a solution..

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ha141774 days ago


Do you have any antilogger???? if yes uninstall???

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Ruben1769 days ago

No antilogger

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ha141769 days ago


Do you have skype???, virtual software (daemon tools...) so uninstall them

reset your cmos battery?

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Ruben1769 days ago

You can't just suggest with no reason.. what reason makes you suggest removing skype? And CMOS???

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azzromyo1769 days ago

Hi @Ruben
you can download and running reimage it's a computer repair tool that has been proven to identity and fix many windows problem with a high level with succees here is direct link:

hope this helps we'll be in touch


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ha141769 days ago


well if something wrong with clock and date and it is linked to cortana reseting cmos battery might help. If skyp is using wifi and conflict with cortana, then uninstalling skype and checking can be a a first step.

Reimage is a shareware as suggested by azzromyo6, i used it myself like 3years ago when it was 50dollars, well in my case never fixed my problem, but I hope will do it in your case after license purchase.

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rizon141768 days ago

Install the Hotspot shield and and try to connect

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Aravi1761 days ago

Kindy select UK english in language option.

Kindly refer this artical for more setting

Further, please check the audio input device is properly connected.

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abdelrahman1743 days ago

See this.

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abdelrahman1743 days ago

Try reinstalling windows or rebooting it

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abdelrahman1743 days ago

Hope my answers help you @Ruben

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AlexFelger1474 days ago

@Ruben do you still have the problem? Because I found a solution that nobody else (anywhere) has recommended.

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