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Which one do you prefer to be your partner, similar or opposite to you? Reward $2
Created by sunrise, 989 days ago, 1181 views

Which one do you prefer to be your partner, similar or opposite to you?
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maren988 days ago

Wrong! If you are smart person, and date stupid person, you can be in trouble. Its not easy to explain to this person what you want from she, if she is not smart like you. In other way, if you date person smart like you, with similar interest, it will be easy to find best way to make unforgettable moments together.

I hope thats will help you.

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chakramed989 days ago

Hi @sunrise ,

i would like to date with some one opposite because , the best things in life don’t come easly. also i will learn new ideas that will strengthen what i already believe in .


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DavidT988 days ago

Hello there!

Personally i think that one shouldn't be be too picky cause perfection isn't of this earth ;) But it's reasonable that both partners share something in common, i think...If you don't share any passion, what do you do when you get along? There.

Me and my gf share a lot in common and we always enjoy each other company! ;)

So yeah, i think so °_^

Have a good day!

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ZzMrXzZ987 days ago

the opposite, because I can learn from them

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azzromyo987 days ago

Hi @sunrise
the opposite because i respect the opinion and the other opinion


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ryanaxis987 days ago

hi sunrise;)
for me i choose similar because people said im a good person thats why i will choose beautiful and good attitude women, that i will love.

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ayoub17987 days ago

similar because i'm nervous and don't like talking

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Ruberoid78987 days ago

Of course , opposite! You'll always need a different opinion. It's very important. It helps you to improve your mind

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alvindgreat985 days ago

Hi @sunrise
You may not love the beauty of sunrise if you dont know the beauty of sunset. You may not want the sun if you dont know the rain, the day if you don't know night.
Making things short, it s always the oppsoite that leaves a strong impression and experience for us. It is said that opposites attracts. Couples are like magnets. Having opposite wants, hobbies, opinions/stand, career, and the like makes the couple grow more mature as a person, stronger and extend their values and knowledge. The world for them becomes a bigger place to enjoy, love the things they do, and have fun.
The only criteria here is that they must know how to respect one another, honor and understand one another, and give pleasure to one another when it comes to what the partner loves and makes him happy. Oftentimes, the opposite ones are the crazily compatible ones.

Hope it helps.
High five!

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Rchd197977 days ago

if you want fight chose opposite partner if you want live in peace chose the similar one

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