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What's your favorite dessert? Reward $2
Created by fancylili, 1760 days ago, 2728 views

What's your favorite dessert?

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azzromyo1760 days ago

Hi @fancylili
i adore by this chocolate magic
because i am addict to chocolate it's so delicious hope you like this


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chakramed1760 days ago

Hi @fancylili ,

for me i like to have cup of juice like :

check this link you will find many desert poeples like :


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ali_qadri1759 days ago

Thar Parkar

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nihal291759 days ago

in childhood the best desert was ice cream after playing under hot sun , those moments was unforgotable. i also like some of those

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only_god1759 days ago

Not .favorite.

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FixitJorge1759 days ago

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich would be my favorite dessert. I loved having them when i was a little except when i was a kid i would to eat them with plain white wonder bread and a glass of milk. now i eat them with Organic peanut butter & bread and a glass of almond milk. lol it's just healthier that way and l don't have to feel guilty about it.

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BilalDz1759 days ago

This :D !

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oops951759 days ago

ّFor me i so like Chocolate cake...

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zch0981756 days ago

I want the Sahara Desert. its great

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alvindgreat1755 days ago

Hi @fancylili
I like the Dessert by Dawin. It really makes me sing and dance in full awesomeness.

They can imitate you
But they can't duplicate you
'Cause you got something special
That makes me wanna taste you
I want it all day long
I'm addicted like it's wrong
I want it all day long
I'm addicted like it's wrong

Whatcha gon'
Whatcha gon' do with that dessert
Murder that, murder that
Dancefloor, dancefloor

And the place begins to be a big dancing stage for me and my friends.

Hope it helps.
High five.

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izzy7501753 days ago

My girlfriend

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amarpage1753 days ago

yogurt with sliced bananas and strawberries.

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Bine4851753 days ago

mmmmmhhhh-lecker !!!!!!

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Haydiyah1742 days ago

Ice Cream is my favorite dessert, all kind of Ice Cream but most of all Chocolate, and Vanilla.

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nino20181742 days ago

Hi @fancylili
strawberry cheesecake, flan, or tiramisu...

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Horalife1742 days ago

Ice Cream, Chocolate, Chocolate Moist Cake, Cheese Cake, Tiramisu

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cdelig1740 days ago

to my favorite dessert is profiterole(cream puff)

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igor1739 days ago

Dark chocolate with black sturgeon caviar.

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Jock1737 days ago


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ANUPAM_GUPTA_ROY1737 days ago


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bannerpri1735 days ago

Its gulab jamun ... Indian sweet dish

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zrodfects1735 days ago

Gotta love me some Pavlova, I can never get enough of it :)

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serezha1734 days ago

Chocolate is the best!!! There are lots of its kinds - my favourite is milk chocolate, but dark chocolate with pepper is delicious too!!! It's special in taste.

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Katherina1541 days ago

Творожно-банановый мусс
Продукты (на 2 порции)
Творог пастообразный - 1 пачка (200 г)
Бананы - 2 шт.
Какао-порошок - 1 ст. ложка + какао для украшения (по желанию)
Ванильный сахар - 10 г
Орехи (по желанию) - для украшения
Пошаговый рецепт Творожно-банановый мусс
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №1
Для белого слоя.
Взбить в блендере 0,5 пачки творога.
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №2
Добавить нарезанный банан и ваниль (ванильный сахар).
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №3
Взбить массу до однородности.
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №4
Для шоколадного слоя.
Взбить в блендере 0,5 пачки творога, какао и второй нарезанный банан.
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №5
В креманку ложкой аккуратно выложить белый ванильный слой.
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №6
Затем - шоколадный.
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №7
Сверху шоколадного - снова белый, в центр.
Творожно-банановый мусс - шаг №8
При желании десерт можно украсить порошком какао и орешками.
Приятного аппетита!

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