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What would you buy if you want to make yourself happy? Reward $2
Created by finefin, 1761 days ago, 2321 views

What would you buy if you want to make yourself happy?
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Razsaheel1761 days ago

I would buy DONATIONS.

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olja2255881761 days ago

Some sweets. Or chocolate. :D

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igor1761 days ago

Mauser C 96

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finefin1761 days ago


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drbenn1761 days ago

Board or card game. Stimulates favorable social interaction with friends &/or family, which is the best cure for the blues.

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finefin1761 days ago

Thanks for your idea :)

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prophet221761 days ago

the cup of coffee

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omarwa791761 days ago

Nothing can make you happy to buy.

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wassim28al1761 days ago

iPhone S6+

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Alex0071761 days ago

Nothing. Happiness is not always in the shop

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jhinxpendragon1761 days ago

I Buy myself Food <3

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azzromyo1761 days ago

Hi @finefin
i can't buy happiness


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ZzMrXzZ1761 days ago

I would buy my father's life and health back

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DavidT1761 days ago


( come on people, the " can't buy happyness" answer is so lame.. )

Depending on how big is my budget.. I'd take on a random last minute plane ,i like adventures :P

Or else...
Boom! Music in the shower <3<3

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otman19891761 days ago

I will Buy house a big house

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UssaMourahib1760 days ago

I will try to help other people and make them happy

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monkeydloffi1760 days ago

pc or a car :v

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houcinedz141760 days ago

The Prayer, It is the happiness.

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kyamagero1760 days ago

The Bible!

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ali_qadri1759 days ago

i'll buy a Watch!

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nihal291759 days ago

i would buy a thing which i was looking for long time. hope you will also buy that thing which you were looking for...

. regards

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only_god1759 days ago

Buy Surface Pro 4 tablet is my love.
or lumia 1520 mobile.

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maren1758 days ago

Now lets be honest: Happiness is not for sale. If you wanna buy something, buy if this make you happy.
No matter what is this. Just buy and enjoy in this.

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ayoub171758 days ago

a new home and a car for my parents

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FixitJorge1758 days ago

Sure!, I could attempt to buy something that'll make me happy but i believe the "purchased happiness" will only be a temporary fix and it wont be a true happiness. meaning i will eventually loose interest and that wonderful buzz in the beginning that made me feel good will eventually dwindle down because an object will only always be an object containing happiness to a degree filled with limitations, but Just as spring water must be bottled at the source to experience that refreshing taste like no other filtered water can give, so must true happiness be found at the source. Now with that understanding in mind i would probably buy these things for reasons i'll try to explain below:

●1. A gym membership
Not only will exercise help to improve my happiness, but it will help me to improve my general health and self-esteem and allow me to be apart of a community and get some much needed social interaction.

●2. A new bed
Sleep improves learning and memory, increases metabolism and regulates weight, lowers irritability, increases cardiovascular health and decreases disease.

●3. Portable Ultrasonic Cool Mist Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser:
The theory is that various essential oils can help to enhance my emotional outlook and help balance emotions during the day.
Also there's this oil called Marjoram. A few drops on a vaporizer will encourage sleep and help to relieve stress. This is something i would like to at least try.
It's also said to be helpful with people suffering from insomnia, anxiety or asthma. i know few people who suffer from these conditions so i would like to gift it to them as well.

●4. A guitar:
The idea here is that i'm investing in myself and setting goals and achieving them by trying a new hobby, i'm experiencing something here And experiential purchases improve happiness more than simple material purchases.

●5. Dinner for a friend:
i hear that pro-social spending tends to improve happiness over self-spending and socializing with a friend on the outside world also helps in fostering a healthier more overall positive mood. relationships are formed which is good for everyone's social life and well being. it doesn't have to be for a friend, it can be for a stranger or the homeless! the choice is our own to make. i just know when we do something kind for others it puts a smile and a warm glow in the hearts all around us.

●6. A new sound system:
purchases that allow you to experience something also known as experiential purchases increase happiness more than simple material purchases.
for example if i had a choice between buying a watch or a sound system, i'd choose the sound system because music improves mood and can help boost overall happiness. not only that but i'd get to sing along too! and we know for a fact that singing is also therapeutic and effective against depression. This is like a double whammy here, i get to listen and sing at the same time!

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Soufiane1758 days ago

Moroccan hash.

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Bine4851749 days ago

Blumen, Fische

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CoolCat1749 days ago

I'd buy a spaceship.

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natanng1749 days ago

i would buy myself a day at a spa.

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nino20181749 days ago

- Interested in something new. If you do not know a particular game to learn, if you do not like reading, try to buy a book and read. He also tried to have mastered something did you know in your business and characterized. 2. Try something new and ask your friend about the things work and you do not know you know it and try it. 3. It is important to know how to overcome your routine always try to renew them to test something new and try to do well. 4. Remember the beautiful days and forget the bad days, try to forget all the difficult thing that you remember your days are beautiful. 5. You must not think people Trkk, and people thought they were with you. 6. Do not think about the obstacles, but think about how to overcome them, try to make everything good is bad, and this is always thinking and never as good. 7. Try to find time to rest and relax, have a positive Valrahp great especially if it made her happy days in the district had planned and dreamed of, try to plan your days and your future so you know how to walk. 8. Always try to overcome the ego which is trying to make you desperate. 9. Be optimistic and bright life, life must take advantage of everything the ugly and the beautiful, and addressed to live a happy life and be happy. Life must we live it, "life", so make yourself feel and enjoyed every letter of this word

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eliza1748 days ago

Tickets to travel all over the world...

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Rchd1971747 days ago

a smile to a children lost his father

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asrul31481747 days ago

The most thing that make me happy is to buy a vacation trip with my family . I cannot imagine the happiness momment especially the smile shown in my daughter face

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SetupComputer1747 days ago

Well, I buy when I am happy.

I don't buy to make myself happy.

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Frank_D1747 days ago

Maybe some Wine.

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nuklin1744 days ago

More data browse and get news and happenings around and learn more.

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totonaet1744 days ago


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serezha1744 days ago

Peace for my relatives - when my parents, wife and daughter smile I feel really happiness inside of me!!!!!!!!!

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Laki111740 days ago

10 day vacation in Bora Bora

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Ohayoua1737 days ago

Money, they say, doesn't buy happiness, but its a lot easier to be miserable with it. Happiness is that state of mind that is only earned when one has lived up to the principles one values, when one accomplishes something, or when one learns one has greater ability than imagined. Imagine how you would feel if you discovered a cure for a disease, or invented a new way to eliminate accidents, or found a way to end one of the many ways in which people struggle to survive in the world. Human desires are unlimited. But the means to satisfy them are always limited, by the amount of goods and options available, the alternate uses for them, by the imagination, etc. But those unlimited desires provide a great opportunity for great accomplishments. And we wouldn't live as well as we do if it weren't for all the great things done with medicine, engineering, etc. Anyway, just being kind, reasonable, honest, purposeful, rational, independent, and respectful of the rights of others, will already provide a strong and well-deserved joy of living.

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Silver3471736 days ago

I honestly buying stuff doesnt make you a person we should be well...happy that we are still alive that we have our family tree and that family always sticks together no matter what

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Razsaheel1730 days ago

Certainly I would love to buy my own HOUSE to feel happy and secure above all.

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yas1725 days ago

Dear Finefin, the truth is: real happiness comes from inside and can never be found in buying material things. Buying stuff can make you feel happy for a short moment, but you will always be wanting the next thing. Helping someone (human or animal) wll give you the greatest satisfaction money can never buy. And it will last the longest, for eternity. You soul will blossom and grow. Best regards. Yas

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yas1689 days ago

Buy someone else a present. Show him/her you care. This will make him/her happy. And it will make you happy. Two people happy for the price of one! Best regards, Yas.

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