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Cat eating grass 5
Created by Victor2015, 1026 days ago, 1390 views

My cat tends to eat grass when ever he gets a chance to sneak out,but he always vomits right after eating eat.Is this a bad thing?
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FixitJorge1026 days ago

your cat is trying to eliminate all indigestible matter from his digestive tract. he may have ate something that made him feel sick or maybe he's just trying to clean out his system. whatever the case may be your cat knows what he's doing and feels better after the vomiting.

no ingesting grass is not a bad thing for your cat. just make sure all your plants are of the non-toxic variety.
you may want to buy a small tray of grass just for the cat or start your very own herbal home garden.

so yes grass-eating among cats is normal, and may have some ongoing health-related benefits such as expulsion of intestinal worms.
However, a sudden increase in grass-eating behavior could signal intestinal distress, so the behavior should be monitored.


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Bine4851014 days ago

Jede Katze muß Gras fressen um ihre abgeleckten Haare wieder rauswürgen zu können

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Greybeard591011 days ago

My English is not so well, but it gives Catgrass (Katzengrass in German) to by in a Petshop. Is an Option for better feeling for the Cat, when Grass in the neighberhood not so good is, for Your Cat !

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handymandmore942 days ago

Best advice if cats are eating grass on a regular basis this means that his digestive system cannot function normally this needs to be helped along... Take CHARCOAL yes the type you make fire with when you cook meat outside on a steel or metal grid... GRIND the CHARCOAL into powder!... MIX approximately a teaspoon full of the charcoal with cat food when feeding... This is very healthy and has many benefits for your cat, even dogs too... In South Africa both myself and others have been using this method also for signs of TICK FEVER and POISONING... This is the very BEST free MEDICINE for both CATS and DOGS it has helped save lives and fix INDIGESTION problems with domestic animals for as long as i can remember

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