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Best free antivirus for Android 5
Created by ali1936, 906 days ago, 971 views

What is the best free antivirus for Android?
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nihal29906 days ago

clean master security or 360 security

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chakramed906 days ago

Hi @ali1936 ,

the best is eset light and more poweful


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Ravindra_2894 days ago

avg antivirus

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houssam_haddour889 days ago

i thinke lookout is a great antivirus ,it give you the ability to even trace your divice in case you lost it or even delet all your data in the worst case.

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buddy205889 days ago

I'd have to say CM security is a pretty secure app to use to protect your privacy on your phone.

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koroleva886 days ago

I'm using McAfee, I think Bitdefender is a good one too.
I wouldn't encourage you to use antivirus that are cleaners too specially if your battery is not very strong. It drains too much power.

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G33kpaine886 days ago

You dont need a Antivirus on your PC because Android is based on Linux. You dont need that cause it will eat your RAM and your phone become a laggy :(

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yemilinks885 days ago

ESET NOD32 is the best antivirus for your Android device.

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MASY2000884 days ago

360 Security is best AntiVirus on Android device.
it's in 2 version: full (for > 1GB),lite (for < 1GB).
I hope, you enjoy it.

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shimadoobest883 days ago

360 security it has cleaner as well

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hak1wr879 days ago

AVIRA its vesy good .free . or AVG its good

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Aravi872 days ago

Kindly refer this artical

I use AVAST Mobile Security

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annu_dazz871 days ago

i suggest CM Security and 360 Security
well choice is yours, both apps are good
- Antivirus
- Speed Booster
- Pravicy Stuff (photo, video lock)
- App locks (version specific)

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alla867 days ago

you do not need a antivirus when you use a android device you just have to install apps from google play and get away from the apps that is unknown source . the best antivirus for android is kaspersky serche for it on google play store

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hak1wr864 days ago

i use Nothing . ;-);-)

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Haydiyah862 days ago

Avira Antivirus Security for Android get it for free on Google Play

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vsukvb856 days ago

What do you need it for?

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MAKEROFMONY2854 days ago

CY AntiVirus or CM AntiVirus

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stormysarge814 days ago

Use CM security

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Muzammil802 days ago

CM secutity

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