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Is it better to eat fruit instead of meal? Reward $4
Created by colin, 990 days ago, 1585 views

If I don't want to have meal, is it better to eat fruit instead of it?
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FixitJorge988 days ago

No it's not better to eat fruit instead of meal. it’s better to eat a wholesome meal with fruit in-between those meals. Yes Fruits are very important With all the vitamins and minerals they provide
But if you replace your main meals only to eat fruits
Then You are not getting the other key nutrients your
Body needs to properly function and maintain itself. you
Will eventually become malnourished and you will begin to feel low energy and cravings because you are restricting your daily needs.

Nutrients are drawn from a variety of foods and the more varied your diet, the more likely you are to obtain all the nutrients you need.

You have to also remember that Fruits Provide you with
The micro-nutrients and fiber that you need but they lack the major Macro-nutrients, such as Fats/ fatty acids, and.
essential amino acids (found in protein foods) that you will need.

because everyone's daily needs are different and based on their sex, age, weight, height, and lifestyle activity level you can use the BMI & Daily Needs Calculator from the nutritional site below and it will tell you your recommended daily nutrient needs and you will see that fruits alone cannot provide all these needs.

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azzromyo990 days ago

Hi @colin
you can not eat fruits instead of meal the vitamins in the fruits are not enough to the body , i prefer to have fruits in my last meal (dinner) it's better and healthy if you want sometimes you can eat fruits instead of meals not usually just sometimes if you do not want to eat

read more:


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Vitalykursk990 days ago

Fruits should be eaten after a meal !!! Otherwise it will be heartburn and gastritis then!
On an empty stomach eat fruit is not desirable!

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ZzMrXzZ989 days ago

Hello no. You can eat whole grain instead of meal but not fruit.

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UssaMourahib989 days ago

I usually eat just fruit for dinner

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igor988 days ago

Neither one of the famous us food products will not be able to match the fruit of the life the forces that in them are present. If the people do not consume fruit, he commits a biological error and deprives your body of a large number of mineral substances that are necessary for his health. Fruits are the best product of the power supply from the point of view of not only the taste, but also the availability of the vitamins, fibers, nutrients, temperature, as well as the ease of dissemination of microbes and concentration of energy. In addition, they concluded that requires upgrading of toxins from our organism. Fresh Fruit - this is the perfect food product which gives us the nature.

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nihal29988 days ago

you can take fruits as genral but instead of a meal you may not do so , liquid diet is good to loose weight but one's deit should contain essential nutrients and fibers , you must also eat dietary supplements to maintain the body requirements .
you can also read this page

hope that helps you

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Ruberoid78987 days ago

Just eat an apple. A lot of apples. No harm but useful. I do like this.

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apbwalden986 days ago

Well, you can skip one meal and substitute it with fruit salad (mixture of all available fruits); fruits contain all viable vitamins, BUT donot abstain from eating a meal (containing starch and other variables)at least once a day. Remember the Doctor's saying: An Orange a day keeps the Doctor away - in reality (not only an orange) ..but..FRUITS a day keep the Doctor away, there you are!!!! get fruity!!!!

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PattyMeo985 days ago

Better to eat both!

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zch098983 days ago

Yes you may eat fruits instead of a meal but be sure to not do it always for you also need other nutrients that you will be needing in your everyday life. :D

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alvindgreat983 days ago

hI @colin
It depends.
Early in the morning, it is good to eat fruits only specially when the stomach is empty. That way all its nutrients was used up by the body early.
But other times of the day, not advisable.
It is still good to hae a healthy diet.

Hope it helps.
High five.

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maren981 days ago

Its impossible eat fruit instead meat.
Meat and fruit its not same, even similar! You need to eat booth of them.
If you wanna be healthy.

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Bine485980 days ago

Ich glaube, ich esse zu viel Obst - mein Magen ist ständig übersäuert - nach dem Frühstück 1 Apfel, 1 Mandarine, 1 Kiwi und 1 Glas Zitronensaft mit Wasser wegen Vitamin C und nach dem Mittag Obst als Kompott (Heidelbeeren, Himbeeren, Beerenobst ....) - und ich kann schon immer auf das Sodbrennen warten - trinke dann Milch zum Neutralisieren - hilft etwas - kämpfe trotzdem immer Stunden mit dem Brennen in der Magengegend - klar hilft auch Sodbrennenblocker o.ä. - kann man aber auch nicht immer essen - blos Vitamine muß ja auch sein !
Abends lasse ich dann lieber Obst weg, esse Yougurth usw. - dann geht es mir besser.
LG Bine

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yemilinks980 days ago

There's no doubt that eating fruit is important to our overall health and ... nut milk or coconut milk with fruit, but in small amounts and not every time. ... However, ideally it is best to stick with eating raw fruit alone - or leave alone!

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stuquack978 days ago

In no way is fruit intended to replace a meal. Instead, fruit compliments a meal. Fruits as well as vegetables provide important ingredients to the body such as antioxidants, and vitamins. Better yet, fruit in particular will help your cravings for processed sugar to go away. You then will have a healthier you and more functional you from natural sweetener sources like fruits

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Razsaheel977 days ago

Fruit as a meal is much much better and natural to a man.

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nino2018977 days ago

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Haydiyah974 days ago

Yes if you haven't had any meal during the day fruits is something you can eat until you put something into your system. You wouldn't eat only fruits everyday in place of food, but it's a real gas breaker gets raid of all that so when it's time to eat you wouldn't have that uncomfortable feeling of build up gases in your system.

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